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How to Install Software on Multiple Computers at the Same Time

Updated on Sep 20, 2018 by Tracy King to Backup Utility

How to install software on multiple computers at the same time? EaseUS Deploy Manager can help you deploy software image on multiple computers simultaneously without downloading on each computer again.

Downloading and installing software on PC is really an easy job for personal users. But for business users, things will become complicated.

How to install software on multiple computers? 

Usually, as a business owner, you might need to install the same software on dozens or hundreds of new computers. It can take you hours or even days. Then you may ask if there is an easy way to manage the job, for example, to install software on multiple computers at the same time. Of course, yes.

Third-party deployment tool allows you to deploy software together with Windows OS on multiple computers. Compared to manually install software on multiple computers one by one, deploying software on multiple workstations in an enterprise is a time and effort saving process. 

Preparation jobs

1st. Download EaseUS Deploy Manager for help

You can find a large number of deployment tools if you search on Google. And, all of them are advertised to be able to install software on multiple computers at the same time.

Here we would like to recommend EaseUS Deploy Manager to you. It's an automated deployment tool which can be used to automatically initiating software with Windows OS images on targeted computers.  

You can directly download and install this tool on the source computer now: Download EaseUS Deploy Manager.

2nd. Install software on system C drive and create backup image

As a matter of a fact that no one can directly copy installed software and programs to other computers. However, EaseUS Deploy Manager can do this job. It can directly deploy the whole system with all installed software on the C drive to universal computers with ease.

Step 1. Install software on system C drive

Why would we suggest you install useful software on the system C drive? Here are the reasons:

  1. 1. Most software still needs to boot from system drive even if they are installed on other hard drive partitions.
  2. 2. EaseUS Deploy Manager will install the system C drive installed software to those PCs together with Windows OS.

Step 2. Create a backup image of Windows OS and installed software

Before deploying, you should first create a backup image of your Windows OS and those software that you want to install on multiple computers by using EaseUS Todo Backup:

It's 100% free to create backup images of Windows OS and target software within 30 days by using this software.

  1. 1. Launch EaseUS Todo Backup and then choose the "System Backup".
  2. 2. It will automatically back up the whole Windows OS and all installed software on system C drive, and then select a destination to store the backup image.
  3. 3. Click "Proceed" to execute the backup task. 

Notice: Please save the backup image of your Windows OS and useful software to a network shared location or drive. 

Step 3. Set up the network connection and enable PXE server

Before you start the real deploying process, you still have some jobs to do:

1. Setup or gain a Microsoft DHCP (Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol) server on your network.
2. Ensure all the computers which you want to deploy software to are under the same LAN.
3. Run EaseUS Deploy Manager on the source computer, click the "Enable PXE server" to enable PXE at the left corner.

Tutorial: Full guide to install/deploy software on multiple computers at the same time

You may want to know how to install Windows 10 on multiple computers, right? If you have complete the preparation jobs as listed above, you can refer to the tutorial steps here to start the deployment task on multiple computers now:

Step 1. Create computer/machine groups 

This will help you add all computers together to deploy and install software at the same time.

1. Launch EaseUS Deploy Manager and choose Create group and name the new group.

Create group to install software on multiple computers simultaneously

  1. 2. Or you can directly add computers by clicking Add machines > choose to add computers By file or By Mac address
  • By Mac address: you can directly input the computer's Mac address, Alias name into the group so to add machine for system deploying/installing.
  • From file: this allows you directly import a file into the software to add computers. The TXT file contains the computers' information including Mac address and Alias with Space or Tab. 

Step 2. Create deployment task for installing software and Windows OS on multiple PCs 

  1. 1. Click Create and then enter a task name and select the machines that you've added in step 1. And click Next.

Create deployment task to install software on multiple computers simultaneously

  1. 2. Click Browse and select the location where you saved the software installation backup image, enter your username and password if necessary. 
  2. Choose the image and then click Save.

Browse to find saved software image.

Step 3. Deploy Windows OS and install software to computers at the same time

  1. 1. Choose the created task and click Run to execute the deployment task.

Start deploying software to multiple computers.

2. When the task is complete, you'll successfully deploy software package on several computers then. All you need is to be patient while the software is executing the task.

Deploying software to multiple computers.

PLUS Information
- Make the deployed Windows OS and software run on computers

After the deployment, each staff of your company can follow below tips to make those software and Windows OS running on their computers without any problems:

  1. 1. Restart PC and press F2 or F8 to enter BIOS.
  2. 2. Check out if your BIOS support PEX boot mode. Mostly, recent Windows OS all support this mode.
  3. 3. Set computer to boot from PEX in BIOS and then Windows OS and software image will be automatically restored to these computers.
  4. After the restore, you can just restart the computers, all favorable software will run smoothly on your PCs.