How to Back up Folders to Synology NAS

This article offers two methods to back up folders to your Synology NAS. The first method involves using the reliable tool EaseUS Todo Backup, while the second method utilizes the Synology NAS built-in tool Hyper Backup. Follow the instructions below to easily and safely back up your folders.

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Updated by Daisy on Dec 19, 2023
Written by Gap

In the digital age, ensuring data safety is a significant challenge for many users, especially businesses. Users constantly search for a reliable storage solution to back up their valuable data. Synology NAS, with its enhanced security and superior performance, consistently stands out as a viable option for securing valued file folders.

methods for backup folders to synology nas

The Advantages of Backing up Folders to Synology NAS

The Synology NAS is a multifunctional storage device tailored for network environments, allowing multiple users to access and store files on a single device effortlessly. It is widely used in home networks and businesses, providing an efficient and user-friendly solution for storing and protecting critical data. There are numerous advantages to backing up data to Synology NAS, including the following:

High Capacity: Synology NAS provides ample storage space to store and backup data. Moreover, its centralized location makes it easily accessible and secure.

High Protection and Security: With advanced data protection features such as RAID configurations and data encryption, Synology NAS ensures your stored data is safe.

Easy File Sharing and Collaboration: Synology NAS devices enable effortless file sharing and collaboration. Users can conveniently share files and folders.

Backing up files and folders to Synology NAS is a priority for users aiming to safeguard their data and prevent accidental data loss. Please follow the methods below to back up your folders.

how to back up folders to synology nas

Back up Folders to Synology NAS with EaseUS Todo Backup Enterprise

EaseUS Todo Backup Enterprise, known for its user-friendly interface and reliability, can help you safely and effortlessly back up your data to Synology NAS. Please follow the step-by-step guide below to back up your folders.

Firstly, install and launch EaseUS Todo Backup. Click New Task in the top left corner, then choose File Backup.

back up folders to synology nas with ease us todo backup enterprise

Secondly, select the folders you need to back up. If you have other data backup requests, such as system and disk backup, the product will also help you here.

choose your folders to be backed up to synology nas with easeus todo backup entreprise

Thirdly, select Synology NAS as the destination by clicking the Browse... button. You also have the option to save your backup data to other locations if you prefer, such as a specific folder, desktop, disk, network, and even a cloud storage service.

select the synology nas as the backup destination with easeus todo backup enterprise

Additionally, there are other options to help customize your backup task.

You can differentiate your backup task with the Plan Name and description.

The Backup Schedule option allows you to set up a regular backup task to be executed one-time, daily, weekly, or monthly. You can also set backup types as full, incremental, or differential, all based on your requirements. 

You can also optimize storage space usage with the Backup Cleanup option.
Furthermore, the Backup options provide more features to refine and perfect your backup task, such as the performance and encryption options, etc.

easeus todo backup enterprise offers more options to back up your folders to synology nas

Finally, once your backup task is configured, please click the Proceed button to back up your folders to Synology NAS.

Back up Folders to Synology NAS with Hyper Backup

Hyper Backup is an integrated application of Synology that enables users to back up data or automatically schedule data backups manually. It allows for data backup and storage in Synology, local shared folders, remote servers, and cloud services. Here is a guide to help you back up your folders to Synology NAS.

Firstly, launch the Synology Drive Client on your computer.
Secondly, connect to your Synology NAS using your login credentials.

back up folders to synology nas with hyper backup

Thirdly, select Backup Task and click Next.

click backup task to back up your folders to synology nas with hyper backup

Then, select your desired folders to back up. You have the choice to choose and change the destination by clicking Select

choose your folders to be backed up to synology nas with hyper backup

Additionally, on this page, you can configure further settings according to your needs by clicking Backup Rules.

hyper backup allows you to configure more settings

After completing the above settings, please click Next. Then, you will choose one of the backup modes and click Next.

set backup mode with hyper back to back up your folders to synology nas

Once all the settings are finalized, the last step of the wizard will show a summary of your backup task. Click Done to confirm, and the folder backup task will commence.


If you're looking for a way to safeguard against data loss for various reasons, we recommend trying the abovementioned methods. 

Hyper Backup, a tool Synology provides, offers an efficient way to back up folders to Synology. Another backup tool, EaseUS Todo Backup Enterprise, also caters to your needs. It not only lets you back up folders but also facilitates backing up different types of data, such as systems, email, and exchange databases. Additionally, it allows you to choose different destination paths to ensure your data's security further and offers more options to perfect your backup. 

Compared to the first tool, EaseUS Todo Backup Enterprise, with nearly 20 years of backup experience and comprehensive functionality, is an excellent choice for all users, whether for business or personal use.

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How to Back up Folders to Synology NAS FAQs

1. Can you upload folders to Synology NAS?

Yes, you can upload folders to a Synology NAS. Synology NAS devices typically come with a web-based file management interface called File Station, allowing you to upload files and folders from your computer to the NAS. You can drag and drop local files/folders to File Station from the local desktop or via the native file explorer.

2. How do I sync a folder to my Synology?

First, sign in to the source Synology NAS and go to Control Panel > File Services > Advanced > Shared Folder Sync > Task List.
Second, click Create.

Then, enter a name for the task and click Next. 
Last, select the shared folder or shared folders you want to sync to the destination.

3. What are Synology shared folders?

A Shared Folder is the essential directory in which you store files and folders on your Synology NAS. It is necessary to create at least one shared folder before you can begin storing data. A Hybrid Share Folder is a designated space for storing files and folders on C2 Storage.

4. What is the difference between sync and backup in Synology?

The main difference between sync and backup in Synology is that sync ensures two or more copies of data are kept up to date in multiple locations. In contrast, backup involves creating copies of data to preserve it and be able to restore it if needed. Both sync and backup can provide comprehensive data management and protection for your Synology NAS.

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