How Do I Backup Everything but My Operating System?

I plan to reinstall my Windows system but want to keep all other data except the system. Do you know how I can back up everything but the operating system?

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Larissa· Answered on Nov 17, 2023

It is not a difficult task if you want to back up everything but the OS. You must move all other data except the operating system to another drive and back them on another drive. This process covers three main steps:

  • Move all your data to another drive except for the operating system.
  • Backup all drives except the one that contains OS via backup software.
  • Restore all your data to your computer when your fresh install your OS.

A reliable backup program is the key to a successful backup. EaseUS Todo Backup is professional backup and recovery software that will ensure a smooth hard drive backup without any data loss. Download it and back up your data with ease. Besides, you must prepare an external hard drive to save the backup while reinstalling the operating system.

Now, follow the specific steps below to back up everything but the OS:

Step 1. Open your Windows Explorer, locate and open C drive.

Step 2. Choose and copy all data other than the Program Files and Windows folders to another drive, like D or E. 

Step 3. Launch EaseUS Todo Backup, and connect an external hard drive to your computer.

Step 4. Back up and save all disks to the external hard drive except the C drive. 

Step 5. Have a fresh installation of your operating system. 

Step 6. Launch EaseUS Todo Backup, and restore all backed data to your computer. 

You have installed a new system and restored everything on your computer.EaseUS Todo Backup plays an essential role during the process, and you should never miss it.

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