How Do I Create a Full System Backup on Windows 10?

I'm planning to reinstall my computer operation system next week. Before I do that, I want to have my system backed up so that it won't be a problem if the new OS fails. But I have never done the backup things before. What should I do to create a full system backup on Windows 10? Appreciate your help!

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Jerry· Answered on Jan 05, 2024

You can create a full system backup on Windows 10 by making an image backup via Backup and Restore (Windows 7) and professional backup software like EaseUS Todo Backup.

Backing up the full system means the backup must include everything like the operating system, software, hard disks, files, installations, and other data. A system image will copy the entire computer and it is super easy for you to back up and restore data. It also can prevent data loss from virus attacks or hard drive failure in the highest measure.

EaseUS Todo Backup is a good choice if you are looking for a fast and straightforward method. It has an easy-to-use UI and multiple functions, such as the ability to back up the whole drive, the OS, and individual partitions to the cloud, local storage, NAS, or a security zone.

Steps are provided below for you to create a system image via EaseUS Todo Backup.

Step 1. Open EaseUS Todo Backup and click Create Backup to start.

Step 2. Select OS for backup.

Step 3. Select the destination for exporting the backup.

Step 4. Click Options and set the backup mode as Image mode.

Step 5. Click Backup Now to start the process.

Step 6. After the backup is completed, you can find it on the left side of the panel.

A full image backup of your operating system will be in the target location when the process is over. This software allows you to restore data with a few simple clicks.

You can also create a full system backup via the built-in tool, Backup and Restore (Windows 7) so that you don't have to download any other software. However, the process of this tool might be difficult for beginners since it requires another tool - Windows System Image Recovery to restore the data to the new drive. Thus, using a third-party tool like EaseUS Todo Backup is better and easier for everyone.

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