Does An Extra Old Internal Hard Disk Drive Affect My New PC System's Performance?

I bought a new Lenovo all-in-one computer a few days ago. The old hard drive in my old computer is still in good condition. So, I want to install it in Lenovo to improve storage capacity. But I don't know if it will affect my PC's whole performance.

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Larissa· Answered on Nov 15, 2023

Adding an old hard drive to a new PC may impact your PC's performance, but it relies on various factors.

  • Speed difference: SSDs surpass HDDs for faster write and read speed. If you use HDD as the boot drive, HDD is significantly slower than SSD. In this case, it may slow down the whole system's responsiveness. 
  • Storage capacity and hardware condition: If you use HDD as the storage drive, it won't affect the computer's speed when it has enough storage capacity. However, file operations and data retrieval may be slowed if the HDD is almost full or contains many fragmented files.
  • Heat and power consumption: HDD will generate more heat and consume more power than SSD, which will increase fan noise and higher electricity usage. But these have little impact on your computer in most cases.

To optimize the performance of an old HDD on the computer, you can consider the following measures:

1️⃣Use HDD as the storage drive and use SSD as the boot drive.

2️⃣Regularly optimize the HDD to improve its file access time.

3️⃣Upgrade the HDD to a better model or an SSD for better performance.

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