Drug Dealer Simulator 2 Save File Location: How to Find & Backup

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Do you ever wonder how you end up on the same level where you left off when you quit the game? This happens with the help of save and Configuration files. This post will find the Drug Dealer Simulator 2 save file location and configuration file for backup and game progress. 

Drug Dealer Simulator 2, or DDS, is a single-player RPG game. Developed by Byterunners Game Studio, the game focuses on expanding your fictional drug empire inside the Ghetto. The tasks include buying and selling drugs, making your drugs, managing production and distribution, reputation, and more. The entire game runs on an exposition system, where high exposition leads to jail or raids on your manufacturing units.


How to Find Drug Dealer Simulator 2 PC Save Location

Drug Dealer Simulator 2 autosaves the game's progress at various checkpoints. As soon as you reach a new checkpost, it becomes your last position, and the game crawls back to the point in case of criminal hierarchy. Where can we find the Drug Dealer Simulator 2 save files for backup on the PC?

There are two ways to find the save game files. 

1. Press Windows + R to open the Run dialogue box. Paste the command below and execute.

  • %localappdata%/DrugDealerSimulator2/Saved/SaveGames/Cartels/

2. Open Windows Explorer (Windows +E) and navigate to the location below:

  • C:\Users\[YourUsername]\AppData\Local\DrugDealerSimulator2\Saved\SaveGames\Cartels


🔥Note: Replace the [YourUsername] with the PC'e username. If you do not find the AppData folder, click on View at the top of Windows Explorer and check the hidden items from the Show options.

Where Is Drug Dealer Simulator 2 Config File Location

Config files store your game configurations, from the FPS to personalized settings. Whenever you open the game, it invokes the Config file to start according to your choices. Where can we find the Drug Dealer Simulator 2 config files for backup on the PC?

1. Find Config files with the Run dialog box with: 

  • %localappdata%/DrugDealerSimulator2/Saved/Config\WindowsNoEditor\

2. Find Config files with the help of Windows Explorer:

  • C:\Users\[YourUsername]\AppData\Local\DrugDealerSimulator2\Saved\Config\WindowsNoEditor\


🔥Note: Replace the [YourUsername] with the PC's username.

How to Backup Drug Dealer Simulator 2 Game Saves

Now, if you back up the game saves and config files manually, the data will not sync in real time as you progress in the game. Whether you want to back up, save, and config files to a hard drive, USB, or cloud storage, EaseUS Todo Backup helps you automate the backup process.  

EaseUS Todo Backup released its newest version, which greatly improved its APP backup feature, allowing its users to back up all Steam game saves on their Windows computer with simple clicks. Its APP backup feature will automatically locate the game save file location and save them to various locations, such as local/external hard drives, cloud services (like OneDrive, Google Drive, Dropbox, etc.), NAS, etc.

Back up the files once, and select the sync frequency to automate the backup process. EaseUS Todo Backup boasts advanced backup solutions to add security for files and folders in emergencies. Additionally, you can use its incremental and compressed backup features to save your storage space. If your files are important, EaseUS Todo Backup is the best software to protect them. Download EaseUS Todo Backup and create a backup now. 

Step 1. Start game data backup by clicking "Create Backup" and then clicking "Apps data".

click apps data to start game backup

Step 2. Once navigate to the apps data backup section, you can find the Game Saves section. Locate the game that you want to back up and select the game saves and configuration and click "OK".

click call of duty data to backup

Step 3. Next you need to choose a backup location to store the game data saves, which you can use both internal or external drives to keep the backup, but for security reason, we highly recommend keep one more backup copy on EaseUS cloud or NAS devices.

select a backup location for your game data

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To Wrap Up

Knowing the Drug Dealer Simulator 2 save file location becomes essential while switching PCs or hard disks. This post helps you find the Drug Dealer Simulator 2 save file location and Config file location for backup. 

Once you find the files, use EaseUS Todo Backup's advanced game backup solutions and automation features to always keep the data in sync. The EaseUS software is a complete backup and restore solution in emergencies. Download it and keep all your game data safe.

FAQs on Drug Dealer Simulator 2

1. How many players are in Drug Dealer Simulator 2?

Although Durg Dealer Simulator 2 is a single-player RPG game, you can co-op with a maximum of 3 players. The game has eight characters but only allows 3 to work as a team. 

2. Can you skip time in the Drug Dealer Simulator?

You can buy furniture and wardrobes from the shops to increase your time by x25. You must also purchase hideout furniture to speed up or skip time. 

3. How do you get 4g in a Drug Dealer Simulator?

The standard pack options do not include a 4g pack for drug dealers. So, if you want a 4g pack, you can either give two packs of 2g or get a 5g bag and add 1g to the container of your choice.

4. How do you equip backpacks in Drug Dealer Simulator 2?

The new Drug Dealer Simulator 2 version has a weird choice of equipment backpacks. To equip a backpack, you must put it in inventory, go to the wardrobe, and then equip it. 

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