USB Splitter vs. USB Hub – Which Is Better[ a Thorough Guide]

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1. What Is USB Splitter
2. What Is USB Hub
3. A Thorough Comparison Between USB Splitter & USB Hub

What Is USB Splitter

USB splitter is a hardware device that splits one USB port into two or more USB lines. It increases the number of devices that can be connected to one USB port, which allows multiple external devices to run in parallel on the same computer simultaneously. 

With USB splitter, you can attach the USB end to your computer's USB interface and then connect other peripheral ports to external devices like mice, keyboards, printers, scanners, USB hard drivers, etc. 

Another distinguishing feature of a USB splitter is to prevent your PC's overload, ensuring a smooth performance. 

USB splitter

What Is USB Hub

USB hub, also known as USB port hub and multiple adapter. Unlike the splitter, the USB hub looks like a mini power strip. One end is the USB interface for connecting to the computer host, the other is the HUB, and the port is expanded into multiple ports. All devices share the bandwidth available to that hub. It allows interaction with multiple USB devices simultaneously, such as mice, keyboards, printers, USB drives, and portable storage drives. In addition to USB ports, a hub can have ports like USB to HDMI adapter, to Ethernet, or mini USB for a wired internet connection and better screen display effect.

USB hub

There are various types of USB hubs available there. It can be divided into three different versions according to their interface: USB 2.0 hub, USB 3.0 hub, and USB 3.1(type-c) hub.   

three different USB types

(image source:

USB ports have undergone so many form factor changes and different versions that it can sometimes be difficult to distinguish each one. If you can't clearly distinguish the three types, read this Appuals article, which will inform you about different USB types, their different generations, and how to add more USB ports to your PC.

A Thorough Comparison Between USB Splitter & USB Hub

Through the above explanation, you should know what the USB splitter and the USB hub are. But how to choose which one to buy or use? Here is a complete and thorough comparison between a USB splitter and a USB hub. We hope you can make the right decision after reading it. 

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    USB Splitter USB Hub
Similarity Purpose & Function Both are used to connect other external peripheral devices to expand the PC's original built-in USB slots. You can connect your mice, keyboards, printers, scanners, and others to your computer.
Difference Outlook  One USB port is divided into multiple USB lines A hub is expanded into multiple ports
USB Interface Only USB ports are available Besides USB port, it also supports Ethernet, HDMI or USB-C ports
Transferring Speed No transferring function Transferring data at a speed of 480 MPs
Power supply USB splitter has no power supply USB hub provides extra power supply for each port 

For example, if your laptop is only equipped with one USB port and another device has occupied it, you need a USB hub to watch the PC content on display by using the USB to HDMI adapter.

A USB splitter is your best choice if you need to connect one to two different devices.

The Bottom Line

To sum up, the post gives a complete guide about USB splitter, USB hub, and their comparison. They have both similarities and differences. We hope that through this article, you will have a thorough understanding of them and be able to make the right choice of use and purchase.

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