Can You Use Computer While Clone Hard Drive?

Hey guys, I got a new 1 TB hard drive, and I am going to use it. However, I want to clone and back up my currently used hard drive to the new 1TB hard drive, but the process will take a long time. I am wondering if I can use my computer while cloning the current hard drive.

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Larissa· Answered on Jan 29, 2023

It is FEASIBLE to use your computer while cloning a hard drive. But it is suggested not to use it or, only do these low-impact activities, like web browsing, text editing, painting, listening to music, etc. Otherwise, the cloning process may copy the changed files at the wrong time, causing corrupted copies on the cloned drive.

Cloning a hard drive may sound to take many hours, and you don't have so much time to waste. A good disk cloning tool with fast cloning speed can save you a lot of time, and EaseUS Disk Copy is one o them.

EaseUS Disk Copy is a reliable and powerful disk cloning tool. It can help you clone a hard drive quickly while can keep your existing data intact. Moreover, it can clone a smaller HDD to a larger one and vice versa, which makes it widely used by people who want to upgrade their old hard drives for better performance.

So yes, using your computer while cloning a hard drive is possible, but too much activity can slow down the process and increase the risk of errors. To save time, use a reliable disk cloning tool like EaseUS Disk Copy and only do low-impact activities while cloning your hard drive.

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