Does Creating a System Image Wipe the Drive?

Hi, I want to create a system image for my Windows 10 PC in case something goes wrong with my computer. But I worry I will lose my data on the drive. Does creating a system image wipe the drive? Thanks!

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Jerry· Answered on Dec 20, 2023

Generally speaking, creating a system image does not wipe the drive. However, all of the data on the target drive will be deleted. You must make a new partition and store the system image on the volume of the new partition if you want to create a system image and save the original data on your destination disk.

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Every file and setting on your computer, including the operating system and installed apps, are typically copied when you generate a system image. This copy is generally kept on a network location or a different storage medium, like an external hard disk.

But ordinarily, a system image is created without wiping the drive. Instead, it makes a backup that can be used in the event of a problem to return your computer to its previous state.

To create a system image, you can use Windows built-in program - Backup and Restore (Windows 7). But it cannot offer you some advanced backup options, such as Cloud backup. Therefore, it would be best to use professional backup software like EaseUS Todo Backup.

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In addition, it lets you create different types of backup modes, including full, incremental and differential backups, to meet your backup needs. It also lets you have 250G cloud storage for free to back up your data to Cloud.

In general, creating a system image will not wipe the hard drive. But to keep your data secure, you can use EaseUS Todo Backup to keep data safe and sound.

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