How Often Does Windows Back Up the Registry Automatically?

I have some doubts about the Windows Registry. How often does Windows back up the Registry automatically? Is there any way that I can manually back up it? Can someone tell me more about this thing? Thanks in advance!

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Jerry· Answered on Jan 05, 2024

Windows automatically backs up the Registry every time a system restore point is created. The reason is that a snapshot of the Windows Registry must be contained in order to restore a system to the state of a restore point.

Basically, the Registry is a huge database that is built into the Windows OS. It is used to save system-level configurations like user interface options, kernel options, run-time details for services, driver settings, etc. The Registry can also be used to track the location where software is installed, timestamps and versions of installation, and launch options for each of them.

System Restore is a Windows function that can create a partial backup of your system, which is called a "restore point". These restore points allow you to restore the system state to its previous state. Windows will save various data once a restore point is created, such as certain program files, system-level configurations, critical system-level files, profile data that is local but not roaming, and the Registry.

So, when does Windows create restore points?

  • Before restoring a restore point.
  • Before updating or installing a driver.
  • Before carrying out the Windows update.
  • Before installing new System Restore-compliant software.
  • Every 7 days after the latest restore point was created.

You are also allowed and supposed to manually back up the Registry before making critical changes to the system since it could be risky to clean out the Registry, edit Registry values, or install an unreliable app. However, if you ever make a wrong move, like damaging or deleting the Registry, it may cause your computer many issues, such as data loss and boot issues.

Thus, a professional and powerful backup software like EaseUS Todo Backup is needed. This tool can back up various data in multiple ways, which is safer and easier for backup and restore the Registry. In addition, you can disable the Registry backup to save storage space or improve the system's performance.

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