How to Make a Copy of a Word Document

Many important documents are saved in Word DOCX format on my computer, and I need to make a copy of them to ensure their safety. How can I make a copy of all my Word documents?

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Larissa· Answered on Feb 22, 2023

The easiest and most straightforward way to make a copy of Word documents is via copying and pasting them to an external storage device, like a USB drive or an external hard drive. All the Word documents are reproducible. Copying by selecting one or some of the Word files, right-clicking your mouse, and choose "Copy," then pasting them to external storage as a backup. Using this way, you need to manually select the word documents and copy them one by one. If you have tons of files, Please be prepared that this process will take a lot of time.

Besides copying and pasting, you can use Windows Backup and Restore(Windows 7) and File History to save a copy of your Word documents. Both tools are Windows built-in utility that allows you to set a scheduled time to back up your Word files. They also allow users to create a system image and back up selected files to an internal hard drive and other storage space. To use these two tools to have a copy of Word documents, you can find them under Control Panel and follow the instructions to finish the Word files backup.

EaseUS Todo Backup is an option to save a copy of your Word documents for free with three simple steps. It allows saving Word files backup to internal & external hard drives, NAS, Cloud service, and security zone. What's more, it supports various types of backup, like incremental backup and differential backup, and compressed backup, to help you save storage space. Set a scheduled backup plan, which will automatically save a copy of your Word documents to the target location.

Hope these solutions can help you save a copy of your Word documents and keep them safe.

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