Does Resetting Windows 10 Affect Secondary Hard Drives?

I have two hard disks installed on my Windows 10 computer. But recently the computer encountered some problems, so I want to perform a factory rest. I know everything on my system drive will be erased but how about my second drive? Does resetting Windows 10 affect secondary hard drives?

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Jerry· Answered on Nov 17, 2023

No, resetting your Windows 10 does not affect your secondary hard drives.

The reset option in Windows 10 often only affects drivers where your Windows is installed. So if you worry you will lose anything on your secondary hard drive, you can back up your data before a factory reset.

However, you should check with the device manufacturer if you use the restore factory option on your PC offered by the manufacturer of your device.

It is worth noting that, in any event, backing up everything before conducting a reset is always a bright idea.

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It is reasonable to believe that everything will be deleted on your C drive after a factory reset because that is how your computer would be made.

I advise you to clean install Windows 10 instead of performing a factory reset. Then, you can choose which drives you want to format and try to reinstall Windows.

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