Is Synology Drive Client Backup incremental

Hello, I recently downloaded Synology Drive Client in order to back up my laptop, which contains many essential files. I intend to set up an automatic backup; will the Synology Drive Client backup be incremental?

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Larissa· Answered on Feb 22, 2024

The answer is YES; Synology Drive Client is a powerful cloud synchronization and file-sharing solution provided by Synology Inc. It enables users to access and synchronize files between devices, assuring data consistency and availability.

Incremental backups transfer the changes that have occurred since the last backup, minimizing the time and storage space required for each backup.

Synology Drive Client supports incremental backups. Following the completion of the initial full backup, subsequent backups only capture the changes made to files and folders. This is accomplished using approaches like file-level deduplication and version control. File-level backup detects and removes redundant data, lowering overall storage requirements. Version control enables users to restore prior versions of files, increasing flexibility and data security.

While Synology Drive Client is a dependable and feature-rich backup solution, other choices should be considered as well. EaseUS Todo Backup is one such recommended alternative. 

EaseUS Todo Backup is a complete backup and recovery program that supports both incremental and differential backups, allowing users to select the best backup technique for their needs. The software also includes disk imaging, system cloning, and file-level backups, making it a complete backup solution for both personal and commercial use.

EaseUS Todo Backup comes with an intuitive user interface, making it easy to set up and manage backups. Download and give it a try.


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