Is NAS a Good Backup Solution?

I have a 4TB NAS with a single disk as a Plex server, and it is always on. My portable drive is where I generally back up my files, but I'd like to start using it to back up some files for convenience first. Although it must run constantly, and I am aware that it is a NAS, I worry that it will eventually wear out and crash. Is NAS a good backup solution?

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Jerry· Answered on Feb 22, 2023

NAS (network-attached storage) is a viable option. It is preferable to having no backups. It might be a good part of a backup system.

I'll list a few situations where NAS backups are helpful.

  • Multiple computers are present in a home used as a personal or home office. In this situation, having an easy and quick backup option on-site is practical, and if appropriately configured, it is secure from outside intervention. However, the drawback of any on-site backup is that it is still susceptible to loss due to fire or theft.
  • A small workplace with 50 or fewer employees and no system administrator present. Most NAS devices are simple to administer and don't require much networking or server management expertise.
  • Any size organization can use NAS for local backup for group work. This NAS backup can frequently be included in the company's backup system. Control over backup frequency and recovery speed is the main advantage of having a group backup. If there is a restoration request system, waiting for the IT staff to support you is annoying. Group backup units enable you to cut off an administrative layer.

NAS can meet not all backup needs. With intricate network architectures, NAS is not the best backup solution for businesses. It is not a good option if off-site assistance is required. Low-end NAS does not do snapshots. Expanding capacity can be a problem for smaller NAS devices when you run out of space.

Therefore, you cannot only rely on NAS backup; you should try other solutions. Under such circumstances, you can try professional backup software - EaseUS Todo Backup. It is a backup and recovery tool that allows you to back up your files, systems, disks, etc. Besides, it enables you to back up to different locations, such as local disks, NAS, Security Zone, and Cloud.

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