How Do I Use DropBox as a Simple Backup?

I have signed up for a Dropbox account, and it gives me some free cloud storage space. I plan to use it as a backup location to save my photos and videos on my laptop.

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Larissa· Answered on Mar 15, 2024

Using Dropbox Cloud as a simple backup storage location is an excellent way to ensure the security of your files, and you can get access to them anywhere with your account and passwords. EaseUS Todo Backup Free will help you do it with the easiest method.

Dropbox itself owns the feature to set an automatic backup to Dropbox, which involves the process of manually adding folders to Dropbox Backup according to the instructions. The process of setting up Dropbox Backup requires many complex steps. 

If you haven't done it before or want to save time and effort, an easier solution, EaseUS Todo Backup, is the best choice. It is a professional backup program that supports saving backups to cloud storage services, including Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive, HiDrice, Box, etc. With this robust tool, you don't have to set up Dropbox, and it only requires several simple clicks to back up files to Dropbox.

  • Launch EaseUS Todo Backup, and click Create Backup.
  • Choose the backup source and click Next. You can choose a file, disk, system, or App data as source.
  • Select the local drive as the location while choosing the backup destination, then scroll down to find Cloud device, then add your Dropbox account.
  • Click Backup now to start the task right now.

EaseUS Todo Backup also supports automatic backup and incremental backup. Setting a backup schedule, the software will execute the backup file to cloud task at a specific time point. With incremental backup, it only backs up changed files to the cloud, helping save storage space and money.

Download and try this simple tool to facilitate your data backup to cloud process.

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