How to Boot in Safe Mode to Run System Restore on Windows 10🔥

I have heard that System Restore is a handy tool for recovering from system failures. And I was thinking that I may need to use System Restore from Safe Mode on occasion. And I desperately needed help, waiting for someone to teach me how to do it.

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Larissa· Answered on Jan 05, 2024

First of all, you need to enter Safe Mode:

  • Hold down the Shift key while selecting Power > Restart from the Start menu.
  • When your computer restarts, choose Troubleshoot > Advanced Settings> Startup Settings. Then, select Restart.
  • A list of alternatives will appear after your computer restarts. To start your computer in Safe Mode, press 4 or F4.

After you enter Safe Mode, you can follow the instructions below to perform System Restore from Safe Mode:

  • Search recovery in the Windows 10 search box and select the top result Recovery.
  • In the pop-up window, click Open System Restore.
  • When you launch System Restore, click Next.
  • Select one of the available restore points to do a system restore in Safe Mode and click Next to continue.
  • Confirm the restore point and click Finish to begin Windows 10 system restore.

You now understand how to use System Restore on Windows Safe Mode. Nonetheless, the process may fail since system restore points are no longer available. Some users even discover they cannot make a restore point. Is there another method for backing up and restoring Windows?

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