How to Make Bootable Clone of Mac Hard Drive

Hi, does anyone know how to clone a Mac hard drive or SSD to a bigger disk/drive without a boot problem? I recently bought a new SSD, and I'm thinking of changing the disk by cloning all data into the new SSD. And I tried searching for solutions online and found out that it may cause boot failure if I directly clone the disk to the new one. And a bootable clone is recommended for Mac HDD or SSD upgrade solution. But I don't know how to operate it. Please let me know if you know of any tools or methods that can help. Thanks!

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Larissa· Answered on Jul 20, 2023

If you want to make a bootable clone of your Mac hard drive, professional Mac clone software will effectively help you do that. EaseUS Todo Backup for Mac will support creating a bootable clone of your Mac hard drive without any boot problem to a new SSD or HDD.

Here are the steps:

  • Prepare a new SSD or HDD for the bootable clone. Ensure that the new disk is larger than the original hard drive.
  • Connect the hard drive to your Mac computer, and launch EaseUS Todo Backup for Mac.
  • Select the clone icon from the left panel.
  • Choose your Mac hard drive as the source disk, and choose the new SSD/HDD as the target disk.
  • Set up SSD clone properties, and select all data in your original Mac hard drive to be cloned to the new SSD/HDD.
  • Click the blue start icon to start Mac hard drive cloning to the new SSD/HDD.
  • After cloning finishes, keep two hard drives connected to your Mac computer.
  • Navigate to System Preference > Startup Disk > select the cloned SSD/HDD as the new boot drive.
  • Remove the old Mac hard drive, and replace it with the new cloned SSD/HDD.
  • Turn off the Mac computer and reboot it from the new hard drive.

Now, you've successfully cloned Mac hard drive to a new disk with a bootable clone. You can now enjoy how the new hard drive performs.

If you want to do more backups for your important data and system, EaseUS Todo Backup for Mac also supports creating a disk image, file backup, etc. It's all-in-one backup & restore software for Mac.

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