How Do I Get My Computer to Recognize My New SSD?

I bought a new 1TB M.2 SSD and plan to clone my old hard drive to it. But when I insert the SSD into my computer, it can't be recognized by my Windows 11 computer. Do you know why? How can I make it recognized?

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Larissa· Answered on Jan 05, 2024

SSD can't be recognized by computers for many factors, such as unstable connection, incompatible hardware and operating systems, power supply, formatting or partitioning, SSD faulty, etc.

To make your SSD recognized by your device, you can try these solutions:

1️⃣ Check the SSD's connectors to ensure they are securely seated.

2️⃣ Update the BIOS or firmware on the machine to the most recent version.

3️⃣ Install any SSD drivers that are required.

4️⃣ Use Disk Management or Disk Utility to format or initialize the SSD.

5️⃣ Test the SSD on another computer to see if it is detected. If so, the problem could be with the computer's hardware or settings.

If all these fixes fail, you can consider contacting the manufacturer's technical support for further assistance or changing the SSD if it's found to be faulty.

Hard drive upgrading or replacement to an SSD is a great strategy to boot a computer's speed and improve the PC's performance. Windows doesn't offer a built-in disk cloning tool, so you need to seek help from third-party software like EaseUS Disk Copy. It is a straightforward and easy-to-use program to help you clone hard drives to SSDs with a few clicks. Compatible with various HDDs and SSDs, including M.2 SSD, NVMe SSD, SATA SSD, etc., you can use EaseUS Disk Copy to clone various types of disks. It also offers a sector-by-sector clone, allowing you to clone only used space. 

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Step 3. Choose the new SSD as the destination disk, and click Next.

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