Which Is Better for Photo and Video Backup, an External Hard Drive or an SSD? Why?

Hey! I am a novice photographer considering buying my first drive to store my photos and videos. So now I am basically choosing between an external hard drive and an SSD. Can you tell me which one is better and why? Thank you in advance.

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Larissa· Answered on Sep 14, 2023

In my personal opinion, an external hard drive is a better choice. Let's look at whether an SSD or an external hard drive is better for backup. SSDs are more energy-efficient, quieter, faster, robust, and portable than traditional hard drives. External hard drives are inexpensive and can help with data recovery in the case of a failure.

Given that current SSDs are nearly as reliable as external hard drives, SSDs outperform external hard drives when price is not an issue. External hard drives are considered legacy technology because they have been around longer than SSDs. However, they are less expensive in general and beneficial for data that is not frequently accessible, such as backups of photos, films, or business information. As a result, using an external hard drive for backup is an excellent idea.

Storing photos and videos on an external hard drive or an SSD is not enough for a professional photographer. It is quite vital to make a backup of all your precious memory. So, you may need a powerful backup tool like EaseUS Todo Backup. It can back up data on both SSD and external hard drives and back up SSD to HDD automatically.

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