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When I recently purchased an old laptop, I tried factory resetting it to improve its performance because it was clogged with unused programs and personal files. While performing a factory reset, I chose not to save any files and confirmed the reset. However, I noticed that it was stuck in a loop: black screen, Samsung logo, spinning loading dots beneath the logo, black screen, etc. Even turning it off and on produces the same result.

Similar to the user above, have you ever encountered this issue of getting your Samsung laptop stuck on logo screen or black screen forever? This may last minutes to hours sometimes, preventing access to your laptop and disrupting your workflow. But fret not in this unexpected situation.

This post will help you explore the common causes behind your laptop getting stuck on a black screen with a spinning wheel with some efficient fixes for Windows 11/10 users.

Why Samsung Laptop Stuck on Logo Screen When Startup

Sometimes, your Samsung laptop gets stuck on the logo screen when startup, so you can't boot into the system. Although this problem is annoying, it's not difficult to handle. But first, consider the below causes to overcome this issue:

  • 🕹️Incompatible external devices: An incompatible external device, like an external drive or USB connected to your Samsung laptop, might be the reason for getting stuck on the logo screen.
  • 🔍Incorrect boot order: Improper configuration of the boot order in your laptop's BIOS settings can result in multiple startup issues.
  • 💽BIOS error: The errors or corruption in Basic Input/Output Settings may cause your Samsung laptop to get stuck on the logo screen.
  • 🎭Virus and malware attack: Since malicious software or other viruses can corrupt system files, this can also disrupt the bootup process.
  • 🖥️Problematic applications and Windows updates: Various apps or recently installed Windows updates can interfere with your laptop's software or hardware, making the Samsung laptop screen black.

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[Fixes] Samsung Laptop Stuck on Logo Screen When Boot Up

Once you have understood the root cause of your Samsung laptop stuck on logo screen when booting up, here are some of the best possible solutions with step-by-step instructions:

Fix 1️⃣ Restart Your Samsung Laptop

Restarting your Samsung laptop running Windows 11/10 is the first method to handle this problem of being stuck on a spinning wheel. Here is how:

  • Press and hold the "Power" button until your laptop turns off.
  • Restart it to check if the Samsung laptop completes booting up.

Fix 2️⃣ Disconnect All External Devices

Any faulty external devices, like a camera, printer, scanner, or flash drive, can conflict with your Samsung laptop. Therefore, try disconnecting all of them once.

  • Shut down your laptop and disconnect all the plugged devices. Also, remove the battery.
  • Keep pressing & holding the "Power" button for 30 seconds to remove the residual charge.
  • Finally, put the battery back and reboot your computer.

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Fix 3️⃣ Change Boot Order

The wrong boot order of your system may also be the reason for your Samsung laptop being stuck on the logo screen. Enter the BIOS menu and change the boot order to get rid of this situation.

  • While restarting your laptop, press the "F2" key until you enter the BIOS menu.
  • Pick "Boot" from the "Samsung BIOS Configuration" menu and click "Enter." Select "Boot Device Priority" and hit "Enter."
  • Your system drive should be set as the first boot option. Save changes, "Exit" the BIOS menu, and restart your laptop.

change boot order

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Fix 4️⃣ Enable Safe Mode

Multiple times, the "Samsung laptop stuck on logo screen" problem is due to Windows updates or other issues. You should put your laptop into safe mode and reboot it later to fix this.

  • Turn your computer off abnormally two times or more until the "Automatic Repair" screen appears. Now, select "Advanced Options."
  • Press "Troubleshoot" from the "Windows Recovery Environment" screen. Choose "Advanced Options"> "Startup Settings."
  • Hit "Restart," and once the laptop restarts, press the "4," "F4," "F5", or "F6" keys to choose "Enable the Safe Mode."

wnable safe mode

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Fix 5️⃣ Perform Startup Repair

To diagnose and resolve the problems caused by corrupted registry entry files, system files, boot configuration data, and device drivers, Startup Repair must be your way to go.

  • Pick up "Troubleshoot" on the "Windows Recovery Environment" menu.
  • Click "Advanced Options" and go for "Startup Repair" to diagnose & fix startup issues.
  • After its completion, reboot your Samsung laptop.

startup repair

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Fix 6️⃣ Perform System Restore

Have you recently updated your system or installed a device driver and application? This can be why your Samsung laptop is stuck on the logo screen. Let's try System Restore as a troubleshooting method.

  • Select "Troubleshoot" from the "Windows Recovery Environment."
  • Next, choose "Advanced Options"> "System Restore."
  • Hit "Next" and select a desired restore point. Lastly, tap "Next"> "Finish."

system restore

Fix 7️⃣ Use Another System

Multiple situations exist where viruses or malicious attacks make your Samsung laptop stuck on the logo screen. Hence, creating a bootable drive is necessary to reinstall the operating system on the Samsung laptop which is only possible using another system.

  • Arrange a USB drive and insert it into another system. Now, copy the selected ISO contents and paste them into the drive.
  • Shut down your Samsung laptop entirely and connect the USB bootable drive. Turn it on and repeatedly press the "F10" key until the "Boot Menu" appears.
  • Go to "Windows Boot Manager" and choose the connected drive from the list. Hit "Enter," and your laptop will boot into the OS in the USB.

Fix 8️⃣ Factory Reset Your Samsung Laptop

Samsung Recovery is the last option to resolve the system problems of your Samsung laptop. It lets you perform a factory reset and create a factory state disk. However, you will lose all your data while processing.

  • Power off your laptop and turn it on again. Press "F4" from the keyboard before the Samsung logo appears.
  • Choose the "Computer factory reset" option from the "Samsung Recovery" screen.
  • Tap the "Start factory reset" button and hit "OK." Follow the instructions to finish the reset. This will take some time depending on your laptop.

factory reset samsung laptop

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Pro Tip: Regularly Backup Samsung Laptop

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Concluding Thoughts

Simply, this post has provided the main reasons for getting your Samsung laptop stuck on logo screen. You can also consider the recommended solutions to get rid of this issue on a Windows 11/10 laptop.

Moreover, always remember to regularly back up your Samsung laptop with EaseUS Todo Backup to prevent data loss. Now, let's download this software to cope with such unexpected errors.

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FAQs about Samsung Laptop Stuck on Logo Screen

1. How do you force restart a Samsung laptop?

To force restart a Samsung laptop:

  • Turn on your laptop and press the "F4" key several times to open the Samsung recovery page.
  • Choose the "Computer Factory Reset" option and tap "Start Factory Reset."
  • From the "Start Restore" confirmation pop-up, click "OK." Once it's complete, tap "OK" again to restart.

2. Why is my Samsung laptop frozen?

Multiple reasons exist behind your frozen Samsung laptop, including hardware or overheating issues, incompatible external devices, outdated Windows or apps, low storage space, CPU-intensive tasks, malware attacks, BIOS errors, etc.

3. Why is my laptop not starting, but the power light is on?

This situation is usually due to the improper functioning of the power adapter. Another reason is your laptop battery is dead. Reconnect the adapter and charge it for some time before turning it on again.

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