Screen Turns Off When Playing Games - 6 Ways to Fix!

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Gaming is one of the sources of entertainment and relaxation for millions of users worldwide. Encountering technical glitches, such as suddenly turning off screens, can disrupt the immersive experience. The frustration is enhanced when you lose in-game progress. Gamers invest many hours mastering levels and completing quests. A reliable backup solution is necessary to avoid the risk of losing game progress due to unexpected screen turn-offs.

EaseUS explores the reasons behind screen turns off when playing games. It mentions the causes and solutions to solve the common issue.

Why Does My Screen Turn Off While Playing Games

[Troubleshooting] Monitor turns off while playing games but PC still runs.
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As mentioned in Reddit, your monitor turns off when playing games, or your PC goes black screen while gaming. PC screens can suddenly turn off during gaming sessions due to various factors.

  • Overheating Components: One of the primary reasons for screen shutdowns during gaming is an overheated monitor and other components. Intense gaming sessions can place significant strain on the GPU and CPU. They generate excessive heat, and the Lenovo laptop may shut down or throttle performance to prevent damage. 
  • Insufficient Power Supply: An inadequate power supply to the system components can cause screen shutdowns during gaming. When the demand exceeds the power supply, the system shuts down or experiences instability.
  • Outdated Graphics Drivers: Outdated or incompatible graphics card drivers can cause screen flickering or black screens in Dell Laptops. Your monitor can shut down during gaming. Incompatibilities between the graphics card driver and the game software can cause such issues.
  • Hardware Issues: Hardware issues such as faulty GPU or motherboard components can cause Acer screen shutdowns during gaming. Damaged or malfunctioning hardware can cause system instability.

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How to Fix Monitor Turns Off When Playing Games

With proper steps and the right approach, you can fix the monitor turning-off issues. Here are the best troubleshooting ways to help you.

  1. Way 1. Basic Troubleshooting Methods
  2. Way 2. Check Hardware Issues
  3. Way 3. Change the Refresh Rate
  4. Way 4. Update Graphics Drivers
  5. Way 5. Perform Clean Boot
  6. Way 6. Update Windows

Way 1. Basic Troubleshooting Methods

Before looking for advanced troubleshooting methods for Windows 10 and Windows 11, start with some basic steps to address the issue.

  • Check the Power Supply. Ensure a stable power supply. Check if all power cables are properly connected to your monitor and the power outlet. Sometimes, a faulty power source can cause intermittent power disruptions.
  • Cool Your Computer. Overheating can also cause monitor keeps turning off in HP. High CPU temperatures can trigger automatic shutdowns to prevent hardware damage. Monitor your computer's temperature levels using software tools. Ensure that your CPU and GPU cooling systems are functioning properly. Add additional fans or optimize existing ones for better ventilation.
  • Restart PC. A restart can resolve minor software glitches. Restarting your PC clears temporary files and refreshes system settings. It will resolve underlying issues causing the monitor problem. Before restarting, save any unsaved work and close all running applications.

Way 2. Check Hardware Issues

When encountering repeated monitor shutdowns during gaming, inspect hardware components. Hardware issues can range from faulty connections to damaged components.

  • Inspect Cable Connections: Examine all cable connections between your computer and the power source. Ensure that HDMI or DisplayPort cables are securely plugged into their ports. A loose connection or damaged VGA cable can also cause signal loss.
  • Test with Different Cables: If a faulty cable is causing the issue, try using alternative cables to connect your monitor to the computer. Substitute HDMI or DisplayPort cables with working ones to determine whether the problem persists. Sometimes, cables can degrade over time and become damaged.  
  • Check GPU and RAM: Inspect the GPU and RAM modules for any signs of damage. Securely fix the GPU in its PCI Express slot on the motherboard. The RAM modules should be properly inserted into their DIMM slots.  
  • Monitor Internal Components: Examine the internal components of your computer, including the motherboard and power supply unit PSU. Look for signs of physical damage, such as bent pins or bulging capacitors.

Way 3. Change the Refresh Rate

The refresh rate of a monitor can cause issues with monitoring shutdowns during gaming. Follow these steps to change the refresh rate:

Step 1. Go to "Display Settings."

Step 2. Click on "Advanced Display Settings."

click advanced display settings

Step 3. Select "Refresh Rate" and choose a value.

adjust refresh rate

Step 4. Click "Apply.

Step 5. If the monitor continues to experience shutdowns, revert to the previous setting.   

Way 4. Update Graphics Drivers

Outdated graphics card drivers also cause compatibility issues. Ensure your graphics drivers are updated for optimal performance. Here's how to update your video card drivers:

Step 1. Open "Device Manager."

Step 2. Select your graphics card under "Display adapters."

Step 3. Check the make and model of your graphics card and click Update drivers.

click Update Driver

Step 4. Visit the manufacturer's website and go to the support or drivers section.

Step 5. Use the website's driver download tool to search for the latest versions. Download the appropriate driver package for your system.

Step 6. Search "Device Manager" and go to the "Display Adapters." Uninstall the existing drivers.

Step 7. Install new drivers.

Step 8. Restart your computer to apply the changes.

Way 5. Perform Clean Boot

Perform a clean boot to identify and isolate software conflicts causing your monitor to shut down. By starting your PC with only essential services and startup programs, you can determine whether a third-party application is causing issues. Follow the steps below to perform a clean boot.

Step 1. Press the Windows Key + R.

Step 2. Type "msconfig" and go to "Services".

Step 3. Check the box near "Hide all Microsoft services."

check the box near Hide all Microsoft services

Step 4. Select "Open Task Manager".

Step 5. Go to "Startup" and choose "Open Task Manager."

open task manger

Step 6. Select each startup item listed and click "Disable" to prevent them.

click Disable

Step 7. Close the Task Manager wizard and go back to the System Configuration settings.

Step 8. Click "OK" to apply the changes.

Step 9. Restart your PC to start the clean boot process.

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Way 6. Update Windows

Keep your Windows operating system updated to ensure your computer's stability. It ensures the proper functioning of hardware components. Windows updates fix bugs, patches, and update drivers that can address issues. Regularly updating your Windows operating system can help resolve compatibility issues and performance problems. Follow these steps to update Windows:

Step 1. Open Windows "Settings.

Step 2. Select "Update & Security."

Step 3. Click on "Windows Update.

update Windows

Step 4. Select "Check for updates" to search for available updates.

Step 5. Windows will list them along with a brief description.

Step 6. Select "Download" to start downloading the updates.

Step 7. Install the updates.

If you need to update your Windows, you'd better create a backup of your Windows in case something goes wrong. In addition, if you meet the Windows update keeps failing issue, you can refer to the following article for help.

windows update keeps failing windows 11

Windows Update Keeps Failing Windows 11

This article discusses the common reasons and offers a guide to resolving Windows Update challenges. Read more >>

How to Backup Game Saves to Avoid Game Process Loss  

As mentioned above, when you try to update your Windows, you should back up your computer to avoid data loss issues. In addition, you'd better back up your game save files to protect your game progress. Under such circumstances, EaseUS Todo Backup, a free backup and recovery tool, comes to help.

The EaseUS backup software is a reliable data backup solution to secure your valuable files. It can help you automatically back up your files, so whether you want to save your media or game data, it will help in an unexpected loss. With its robust features, EaseUS Todo Backup also provides a reliable solution for syncing files as the best file sync software. It offers a range of functionalities to meet diverse backup needs.

EaseUS Todo Backup

EaseUS Todo Backup offers reliable data protection for casual gamers and professionals. Its customizable options allow users to secure and manage any type of data.

  • Disk Imaging and Cloning: Users can create complete disk images or clone entire disks. It can capture all the content of a hard drive and ensure comprehensive data protection.
  • File-Level Backup: It offers file-level backup options. Users can selectively backup specific files and folders, including game saves. This flexibility enables gamers to prioritize critical data.
  • Incremental and Differential Backup: EaseUS Todo Backup optimizes backup efficiency by only capturing changes made since the last backup. This approach reduces backup times and minimizes storage requirements.
  • Disaster Recovery: If you lose data or experience system failure, it offers disaster recovery. You can restore the backups of deleted files quickly and efficiently. 
  • Deploy your Windows to dissimilar hardware. It lets you perform a universal restore with ease. You can use it to transfer Windows 10 from one PC to another.

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To Wrap Things Up

That's all about how to fix "screen turns off when playing games". Screens turning off unexpectedly during gaming sessions can disrupt the immersive experience. It can cause the loss of valuable game progress. This article explored the various factors that can contribute to this issue. From hardware failures to software conflicts, we've mentioned all possible causes and provided detailed steps to solve them.

It is essential to implement backup solutions and safeguard gaming progress to ensure uninterrupted gameplay. One such reliable backup solution is EaseUS Todo Backup. It offers comprehensive features for backing up game saves and protecting against data loss. Download and try it now!

FAQs on Monitor Shuts Off Randomly When Playing Games

1. Why does my screen keep going black when playing games?

The screen goes black during gaming sessions due to overheating of the GPU or outdated graphics drivers. Sometimes, insufficient power supply or hardware issues can also contribute to the issue.

2. Why does my monitor flicker black when I play games?

A flickering black screen during gameplay indicates issues with the graphics card. Look for outdated drivers or insufficient power supply. Incompatible display settings or a faulty monitor cable could also cause it.

3. Can faulty RAM cause no display?

Faulty RAM can lead to various display issues, including no display or intermittent black screens. When the RAM is defective, it can cause instability in the system. 

4. Why does my monitor randomly shut off while I'm gaming?

Random monitor shutdowns during gaming can be due to insufficient power supply and outdated graphics drivers. It's also essential to troubleshoot hardware and software issues.  

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