How Do I Copy a Windows 10 Profile to Another User? 

I just changed the settings on my computer so that there can be multiple users on it. My problem is that the new user I created has none of the files and applications on the default user. How do I transfer those files from the default user to the one I created on my Windows 10 computer?

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Larissa· Answered on Dec 22, 2022

To copy a Windows 10 profile to another user account, you can try the following two ways.

The first is to copy and paste the files from one user account to another. You need to use the Administrator account using this way. Otherwise, you won't copy and paste files successfully. 

  • Open File Explore and locate to C:\Users.
  • Copy the profile file, and then paste it to the new folder. 

If the above method isn't valid, you can copy the whole profile using the Control Panel:

  • Enter the Control Panel by pressing the Windows + R keys simultaneously.
  • Find and select "System" among the option.
  • Click "Advanced System Settings" from the left panel.
  • Click the "Settings…" button under the "User Profiles" tab.
  • Select the profile you want to copy, and click the "Copy to…" button.
  • Click "Browser" to locate the new account's folder, and click OK.

Now, you have successfully copied the user profile from the first account to another user account. 

Windows 10 profile saves a lot of information, including user settings, desktop background, and other customized parameters. To ensure that no important data are missing during the transfer process, you should back up your Windows 10 profile to an external storage device. 

EaseUS Todo Backup is a professional backup program that allows you to easily back up the entire system or individual files/folders. You can download this simple yet effective tool free of charge and make your own backups whenever you need to copy user profiles on Windows 10. 

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