Can't Install Windows 10 on Nvme

I bought a new NVMe drive, and tried to install Windows 10 OS on it. But I failed for the first time, and I tried twice, but still couldn't work. Do you know why? How can I do it successfully?

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Larissa· Answered on Jan 31, 2024

If you are unable to install Windows 10 on your NVMe (Non-Volatile Memory Express) drive, it will be quite annoying. There are various possible causes for this problem, which include:

  • Incorrect BIOS configuration: inappropriate BIOS settings, such as inappropriate storage controller modes (AHCI or RAID), can prohibit Windows 10 from being installed on an NVMe disk.
  • Problems with Secure Boot: If not properly set, Secure Boot, a function that maintains the integrity of the operating system during startup, may conflict with the installation of Windows 10 on an NVMe disk.
  • Incompatible hardware: Some older motherboards or systems may lack the essential BIOS or firmware updates to support NVMe storage, making Windows 10 installation impossible.
  • Incorrect Installation: If your NVMe drive is not properly installed, the Windows 10 installation procedure will fail.

To resolve the issue, check your computer's BIOS settings to confirm that the NVMe drive is detected and properly configured, disable Secure Boot, remove incompatible hardware, or upgrade your NVMe driver to the most recent version.

If you are still unable to fix the issue, you may attempt a new installation approach, such as cloning Windows 10 from one hard drive to the NVMe drive. 

EaseUS Disk Copy can be a great method for dealing with these installation issues without having to reinstall the complete Windows system. This software enables you to clone your existing hard drive to an NVMe drive effectively. 

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EaseUS Disk Copy makes cloning easier by providing a straightforward UI that walks you through the processes needed to clone your hard drive to an NVMe disk. It allows you to clone your complete system, including the operating system and all of your data, while assuring that no files or settings are lost. After cloning, the cloned NVMe drive will be bootable, allowing you to utilize it as your primary drive without having to reinstall Windows.

You may bypass the complications of installing Windows 10 on an NVMe drive by using EaseUS Disk Copy to easily transfer your system and files to faster NVMe storage without the need for a fresh Windows installation.

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