Can You Move a Windows 10 SSD to a New PC?

Hi, I'll soon build a new computer with entirely different hardware. Is there a procedure I need to follow to move my SSD with Windows 10 on it to the new computer? Or will it merely identify the new hardware if I plug in my SSD?

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Jerry· Answered on Mar 28, 2023

Can you move a Windows 10 SSD to a new PC? It's technically possible.

The compatibility of your old and new hardware has become crucial when changing your system hard drive because Windows installation needs drivers for your current computer's hardware.

Case 1. Move SSD to Another Compute with the Same Hardware

SSD with Windows 10 can be easily transferred to the new PC if the hardware on your new computer matches that of the old computer. Then, you need to install the old hard drive into the new computer and set it as the priority item in the BIOS.

Case 2. Move SSD to Another PC with Dissimilar Hardware

Moving Windows 10 SSD to a new computer with hardware different from the old one can make the process more challenging. The hardware abstraction layer won't work with the new computer's hardware because it requires different drivers.

Under such circumstances, cloning is the best and easiest way. And EaseUS Disk Copy can meet your needs.

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You can use it to clone your Windows 10 SSD onto a new/larger one and then install it onto your new PC.

It is a practical cloning utility that can help you transfer the C drive to a new SSD and migrate your Windows 10 from HDD to SSD or SSD to SSD. Besides, it lets you perform a sector-by-sector clone so you can clone a hard drive with bad sectors.

After cloning, your Windows 10 SSD will be transferred to the new drive. Install the new drive in your new computer, boot from it, and change the boot order in BIOS. You will then get a new computer with the identical SSD as the old PC.

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