What Is the Best Way to Create a Bootable USB with ISO File?

I copied a Windows 10 ISO file from my colleague’s website and planned to create a bootable USB with it. I searched on Google and selected two tools, which are PowerISO and Rufus. I would like to know which one is better, or do you know any other way to do it easily? Thanks in advance. 

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Larissa· Answered on Mar 16, 2023

PowerISO and  Rufus are both two available tools to create a bootable USB with an ISO file of your Windows system. If you don't know how to choose, you can read the details below to compare them and then decide which one to use. 

PowerISO is a CD/DVD/BD image files processor that can create, open, encode, burn, mount, convert, or encrypt your CDs, DVDs, and BDs. It also has the feature to mount ISO files with its internal virtual drive to create a bootable USB of your Windows 10 system. 

Rufus is free, open-source, and practical software that helps users to create or format a bootable USB flash drive. It is a helpful tool for creating a bootable USB with an ISO file.

According to most users' feedback, Rufus seems to be more popular among them, and they use it to create a bootable USB flash drive from an ISO file with reliable performance. 

To do it successfully, you need to prepare the Windows 10 ISO file and a new spare USB flash drive and download the newest version of Rufus. Now follow the specific steps below to do it:

  • Launch Rufus, connect your USB flash drive to your computer, and wait until Rufus detects your USB drive.
  • Under the "Device" tab, choose the USB flash drive you just inserted. 
  • Under the "Boot selection" tab, select the ISO file of your Windows 10. 
  • Under the "Image option" tab, select "Standard Windows installation".
  • Under the "Volume label" tab, give the name of your choice. 
  • Leave the default settings for File system and Cluster size.
  • Click the "START" button to start the process.

When it finishes, you can get a bootable USB drive that contains Windows 10 system. Use it to boot your computer. 

A bootable USB drive allows you to install an operating system, troubleshoot your computer problem, and set up a new computer with easy operation. But sometimes you may need a portable USB drive, which can take your own system and files anywhere you want. 

To create a portable USB, you need to use the existing Windows operating system and a bootable USB creator tool, like EaseUS OS2go, which is specially designed to do it with easy steps, even if you are a novice user. 

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