How Long Are File History Backups Retained by Default?🔥

Hey, I just bought a new computer, and I was curious about how long the file history backup is retained by default. Is there any need to turn it on or specify its backup frequency? Thank you in advance.

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Larissa· Answered on Nov 17, 2023

By default, the File History backups can be retained forever, as long as the space is enough. File History is a built-in backup utility of Windows, it may save files and folders from a variety of sources, including network drives, cloud storage, and external media. It can also save several versions of your files and folders so you may restore them to a certain point in time or compare changes. 

But here is something to note: In Windows 10, the File History is turned off by default. You have to set it up manually so that it can start to run. What's more, File History requires storage devices like USB flash drives to store the files you have already backed up, which really takes a lot of space because it will have multiple file versions. The two demerits urge users to tend to consult more powerful and simple tools like EaseUS Todo Backup.

Unlike Windows File History, using EaseUS Todo Backup, you don't need any external drive to store your files. With this powerful tool, you can back up your disk, partition, system, and even cloud. You can also create a full backup or set an automatic backup on Windows 10 if necessary.

This all-in-one solution can finish your backup process with simple clicks, and you can consult live chat anytime you want if anything bothers you. Though File History can back up all types of files, its speed needs further improvement. And that kind of annoying experience would be wiped if you choose EaseUS Todo Backup as your ultimate solution.

It is a wise choice always to create backups of your critical files and precious memories. Try it now!

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