How Long Does It Take to Clone a 2 TB Hard Drive?

The hard drive I'm using is 2 TB, and I want to clone it to another SSD as a backup. How long does it take to clone my 2 TB hard drive? Is there any good tool to make the process quicker?

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Larissa· Answered on Jan 29, 2023

I can't give you an exact answer because the time to spend on cloning a 2 TB hard drive mainly depends on the transferring tool speed that you use.

Assuming the transferring speed is 100MB/s, it will clone 1 gid in 10 seconds, 10 gig in 100 seconds, 1 TB in 10,000 seconds, and 2 TB in 20,000 seconds, which equals about five and a half hours.

But not every tool can reach the exact speed of 100MB/s. Here is the time you need to spend on cloning a 2 TB hard driver from 90MB to 140MB per second:

  • 90MB/s - about 6 hours
  • 100MB/s - about 5.5 hours
  • 110MB/s - about 5 hours
  • 120MB/s - about 4.5 hours
  • 130MB/s - about 4.25 hours
  • 140MB/s - about 4 hours

Apart from the transferring speed, other factors, like USB cable, hardware condition, cloning tool, disk types, bad sectors, etc., will also affect the cloning time. Before cloning, ensure that your hardware and cables are in good condition. And there are no bad sectors on the source and target hard drive.

EaseUS Disk Copy is an excellent hard drive cloning tool that can help you quickly complete the process with its simple and intuitive interface. Besides, it offers two cloning modes: sector-by-sector clone and smart cloning mode, which can optimize how to clone a 2 TB hard drive in a faster way.

When you decide to clone your 2TB hard drive, ensure there is enough time to complete this process.

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