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Recover Locked SD Card Pictures/Files Download Free

Posted on Jun 24, 2015 by Jean to Data Recovery


To recover locked SD card pictures and files, you should check the LOCK switch position first; for serious data loss from a locked SD card, ask for help from a trustworthy locked SD card data recovery software.

A message popped out on my Canon camera saying "memory card error/SD card locked". What's the matter? My son took out the SD card from the camera, and I remember that he played with the card for a while until I requested it back and insert it to the camera again. I repeated the act for three times, but have the same message shown on the screen. I reject losing happy memories, would you help me figure out how to recover locked SD card pictures

Correct LOCK Switch Position to Restore Pictures/Files Fast

SD cards are designed with a tiny LOCK switch mostly on its left side to avoid accidentally deleting photos or unwanted access to the inside data. Being different from other forms of SD card recovery, once the card is told as "locked", you should firstly check the card's slide switch and reset it to the "unlock" position.

unlock sd card

In fact, nearly 90% of SD card users are not aware of the locking slide switch, which can be easily slid upwards and downwards without notice. If your case is just about the wrong switch position, then you're so lucky to quickly get back all the files on it. However, many of the locked SD card data loss results from more serious cases.

How to Recover Serious Locked SD Card Pictures/Files Loss?

SD card locked, also SD card write protect, happens very often with some improper handling. To make it bad, data will be lost or can't be accessed since then.

  • Abrupt removal of SD card from a camera or a card reader while the card is writing data;
  • Unable to keep calm when SD card shows locked/error, just format the card at once. Then nothing exists any longer;
  • Trust any cracked data recovery software with key on Internet and casually choose one to perform locked SD card pictures recovery to make things worse, letting viruses crazily intrude the locked data.

Warning! When facing with such serious locked SD card pictures loss, you need cautiously treat the recovery solution. Make sure that you have clues about what the best way is to recover locked SD card pictures/files and whether it is reliable.

EaseUS locked SD card data recovery software should come to the first choice. It is 100% safe and clean which won't put your locked data into potential danger. Most importantly, this tool is trusted by millions of users around the world and has successfully helped retrieve numerous lost data which is formatted, accidentally deleted, inaccessible except locked.

Three Steps to Recover Locked SD Card Pictures/Files

Another salient feature of EaseUS data recovery utility is user-friendly. With intuitive user interface design, even an IT novice can easily handle the whole recovery process, and only three steps are required.

three steps to recover locked sd card pictures/files with EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard.

  • 1. Connect the locked SD card to a computer by directly inserting in or using a memory card reader. Launch EaseUS SD card data recovery software, Choose the type of files lost in the card. Move to the "Next";
  • 2. Select the external hard drive partition (your SD card) where the data was lost. Start "Scan";
  • 3. When the scan is over, first preview the recoverable files and then click "Recover button".

Note, if you're using free version, you should upgrade to a higher one if your files have exceeded a 2 GB size.