9 Ways to Fix Google Drive Upload Stuck Problem

Is your Google Drive Upload Stuck? We feel for you. This happened with us recently, and we applied several fixes to see what works. Here's a run-down of those fixes that will help you!

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Updated on Mar 15, 2024

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The cloud storage service that has the most users anywhere is Google Drive. These days, many individuals regularly use cloud storage and internet sharing platforms. Sometimes it may cause various problems, such as becoming stuck while the file is being uploaded.

There is a wide variety of factors that could contribute to this problem. This article will cover how to fix the Google Drive Upload Stuck problem. Let's begin with a simple overview…

fix google drive stuck upload problem

Overview of Google Drive Upload Stuck Problem

Many individuals now consider Google Drive the most effective method for preserving vital information. However, many users have reported issues with Google Drive freezing and experiencing upload difficulties.

For example, the Google Drive app on an Android smartphone may get stuck on "Waiting to upload," while the Google Drive app on a PC may get stopped on "Starting upload."

The upload speed might be affected by a variety of factors. You need to consider several parameters, including the size of the file, the available bandwidth, the browser or application cache, any interruptions caused by the server, and the program version.

The question is how to fix the Google Drive upload problem, whether it occurs on a PC or an Android device. Continue reading to find out the answers.

How to Fix Google Drive Upload Stuck?

There are two types of upload failures: "waiting to upload" and "beginning upload," both of which result in an error message. You'll be tasked with coming up with answers to these two problems in this section.

Stuck on Waiting to Upload.

To solve this problem first, we will take a look at three methods that will help you:

Fix 1. Clear Cache

Android and other mobile devices may have problems with Google Drive uploads when the software has too much cache or data. To see if you can solve it, try the methods listed below.

Step 1: The menu symbol in the top left corner of Google Drive on an Android smartphone may be accessed by clicking on it.

Step 2: Press OK after selecting Settings > Clear Cache.

Step 3: Connect to Google Drive after restarting your device.

clear cache

Fix 2. Force Stop Google Drive

Here, try and force stop Google Drive using the following methods:

Step 1: Navigate to the device's Settings menu, pick the Apps & notifications submenu, and launch the Google Drive app.

Step 2: To determine whether or not Google Drive is stuck on completing an upload, you must click the "Force Stop" button and restart the application.

force stop google drive

Fix 3. Turn Off Wi-Fi

Here, try and turn off the Wi-Fi settings in Google Drive:

Step 1: Launch Google Drive, then go to Settings from the menu.

Step 2: On this screen, use the toggle button to turn off the option to transfer files over Wi-Fi exclusively. The files should then be uploaded once again.

transfer files over Wi-Fi

Stuck on Beginning Upload

To solve this problem first, we will take a look at three methods that will help you:

Fix 1. Check the Internet

Suppose the solutions above cannot solve the problem of Google Drive becoming stuck on beginning the upload. In that case, you may examine the network connection to see whether or not it is functioning properly.

Step 1: Proceed to your computer's Settings menu.

Step 2: Select Internet & Network from the menu. The Status window will then appear, allowing you to determine whether or not your computer has a stable connection to the network.

check the status

Fix 2. Turn off Any Browser Extensions

The second method entails the user turning off any browser extensions that are running in the background:

Step 1: Launch the Chrome browser, then go to the following address: chrome:/extensions/. You may also go to More tools > Extensions by clicking the More button in the top right corner.

Step 2: By using the right mouse button, you can pick the extension, and then using the switch to enable or disable the extension or clicking the Remove button, you can remove the extension.

remove the extension

Fix 3. Clear Cache And Data of Browser

Cookies, browsing history, and other data are saved in the browser we use, enabling us to view websites more quickly. Having excessive data may, on the other hand, result in issues such as the "Google Drive upload stalled" problem.

After that, if the uploading process on Google Drive is stalled, you may try clearing the data and cache that the browser has stored.

Step 1: Launch the web browser you normally use (taking Google Chrome as an example, and the steps to clear data and cache on other browsers are similar to Chrome).

Step 2: You may access the Settings menu by clicking the button with the three dots in the upper right corner of the screen.

Step 3: On the Settings screen, go to the Privacy and Security section and select Clear browsing data.

change site settings

Step 4: Tap Clear data after selecting the date range to use.

click clear data

Note: If you often upload files to Google Drive using your phone, you may want to try clearing the cache and data on your phone before attempting to upload files to Google Drive again.

Tip for Android: Follow these steps to clear the cache on your Android device: go to Android Settings > Apps and Notification > Drive > Storage & cache > CLEAR CACHE.

Tip for IOS: To delete an application from your iPhone, go to Settings > General > iPhone Storage > Drive > Delete App. After that, reinstall the Google Drive program on your computer.

Fix 4. Upload Files with Incognito Mode

If the clearing caches and browsing data don't work out, try and upload files using the incognito mode as shown here:

Step 1: Launch Google Chrome, click the More button in the browser's top right corner, and then pick the New incognito window.

Step 2: Go to drive.google.com and sign in with your Google account when you get there.

Step 3: Try uploading the file once again to see if it will work this time.

upload the file

Fix 5. Switch to Other Free Cloud Storage

When Google Drive takes an excessively long time to upload files or even crashes, you are forced to spend additional time troubleshooting the issue, decreasing the time you can spend productively working or studying.

You may save your data just as easily on one of the many fantastic cloud drives available today instead of Google Drive.

OneDrive is an online storage service offered by Microsoft that users of Windows can access. Not only is it capable of storing any file, but it also works well with Microsoft Office 365.

In addition, Dropbox is an excellent option as well. It is one of the first cloud storage services, and as such, it performs well and has features that are simple to sync.

Fix 6. Turn to A Professional Google Drive Alternative

Users often use Google Drive as a storage spot for essential data and images and as a backup location. EaseUS Todo Backup, being one of the most robust data backup and disk cloning tools on the market, is equipped with a slew of high-end capabilities. You may build a basic backup and save it on the same system or an external storage device since it supports all of the typical disk and file copying functions.

In addition, more complex cloning operations are available. One of the most notable features of SQL Server and Exchange backup and recovery solutions is their ability to produce a safe copy of any sensitive data.

If you have essential data saved in Google Drive, the data will be easily lost or destroyed when this sort of problem happens again. You must back up your Google Drive to other cloud storage locations. The good news is that you can easily automate backing up your Google Drive data to another cloud drive by utilizing a professional and free cloud backup service, such as EaseUS Todo Backup.

Main Features of EaseUS Todo Backup

  • Set up a daily, weekly, or monthly backup schedule.
  • Replace the old hard drive with a new one that is similar to the old one.
  • An encrypted backup file provides an additional layer of security.
  • System backup images may be transferred across computers that have different hardware installed.

Follow these steps to do backup work with this intelligent tool:

Step 1. To start backup, click the Select backup contents.

create file backup step1

Step 2. There are four data backup categories: File, Disk, OS, and Mail.

create file backup step2

Step 3. On the left-hand side, you'll see a list of local and network files. Selecting the files to be backed up by expanding the directory.

File backup

Step 4. Follow the instructions on the screen and pick the location where you wish to store the backup.

File backup step4

In Backup Options, click Options to encrypt the backup with a password, specify the backup schedule, and choose whether or not to start the backup at a certain event in Backup Scheme. There are a variety of customizable features available for you to explore, and you may tailor the backup operation to meet your specific requirements.

Backup options

Step 5. Backups can be stored on a local disk, in EaseUS's cloud service, or on a network attached storage device (NAS).

file backup step4

Step 6. EaseUS Todo Backup allows customers to back up data to a third-party cloud drive or the company's own cloud storage.

If you wish to back up your data to a third-party cloud drive, select Local Drive, scroll down to add Cloud Device and enter your account information.

Backup to cloud
You may also use EaseUS's own cloud storage service. Click EaseUS Cloud, create an account using your EaseUS Account, then log in to your account.

backup to easeus cloud

Step 7. To begin a backup, choose Backup Now. It will appear in the shape of a card on the left-hand panel when the backup process has been successfully finished. To handle the backup job in more detail, right-click on it.

File backup step7


Hopefully, one of these solutions will resolve the issue; nevertheless, if you find yourself in an impossible situation where the issue continues to exist, and you continue to question yourself, "Google Drive is stuck on commencing upload?"

How can we correct this mistake? Regarding backing up all of your crucial data, we strongly suggest you use Ease Todo Backup. Its excellent features will keep you hooked!

EaseUS Todo Backup

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