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TRIM SSD Data Recovery

Updated on Dec 29, 2018 by Jean to Mac File Recovery


The TRIM command organizes data on an SSD and improves its performance. However, due to the nature of TRIM, data recovery efforts are less likely to be successful. Learn how to check if your SSD is TRIM enabled and about TRIM-SSD data recovery efforts.

Can You Recover Data from an SSD with TRIM Enabled

"Hi, just now I inadvertently deleted the wrong folder on my 2014 MacBook Pro running Yosemite, and then emptied the trash bin. I don't have a backup of this folder, so I'm feeling quite helpless. The worst part is that my SSD drive is TRIM-enabled by default. Is there any way for me to recover these files?"

Well, before giving you the answer, it’s important to first understand what the TRIM command is. TRIM command, also known solely as TRIM, allows an operating system to inform a Solid State Drive (SSD) which blocks of data are no longer in use so that they can be wiped to make room for new data.

Normally, when data is deleted from a hard drive, the data is not accessible but it remains on the physical drive. Only once the space needs to be used for other information will the data block be wiped, then rewritten. Via TRIM, the data block is wiped immediately upon deletion. In this way, when the system tries to write new data onto a previously used block, it can do so without waiting. This results in improved performance.

The cost of this improvement in speed is that, on a TRIM-enabled SSD, deleted files can not be recovered. Once you empty the Windows Recycle Bin or Mac Trash Bin, the files are permanently gone. 

Check TRIM Status

To see whether TRIM is enabled on your SSD or not, follow these instructions.

On PC: Go to Command Prompt and enter fsutil behavior query disabledeletenotify

Command Prompt to View TRIM Status

If DisableDeleteNotify = 0, trim is enabled.

If DisableDeleteNotify = 1, trim is disabled.

On Mac:

Click the Apple logo in the top-left of the screen and go to About This Mac.

Mac Home Screen

Click System Report…

'About This Mac' Screen

Go to Hardware then SATA/SATA Express, and look for TRIM Support.

Mac System Information Screen

TRIM Support: Yes = TRIM is enabled.

SSD TRIM Data Recovery

Although it is definitively impossible to recover data from a TRIM-enabled SSD, you can still attempt to recover using EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Free (for PC or for Mac). It is often the case that the file names will appear in the software’s scan results, but the file content will not be recoverable. You can try to recover a few files with the free version to see if your data has indeed been wiped or not, at no cost. 

The ultimate way to safeguard your files is to regularly back up your data. With TRIM enabled, this practice is incredibly important. EaseUS Todo Backup is a data backup utility that will allow you to restore all files that are lost or inadvertently deleted. Through the program, you can automate backup tasks to run on a time or event basis; such as backing up to an external hard drive each time it is plugged in. I’ll stress again that maintaining data backups is crucial, particularly for TRIM-enabled devices. EaseUS Todo Backup Free (for PC or for Mac) is fully functional and can provide you with all necessary back up features.