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If you're seeking a Windows 10 migration tool, then you've arrived at the right place. EaseUS software allows free Windows 10 migration assistant download - EaseUS Todo PCTrans, which facilitates the transfer of data including all types of files as well as applications along with settings from previous Windows 7/8/XP/Vista to the latest Windows 10 operating system.

How to Free Download EaseUS Windows 10 Migration Assistant

EaseUS Windows 10 migration assistant download is easy and free. You need left-click the following green free download icon, the application will be downloaded within seconds. Give it a shot.

EaseUS Todo Pctrans Is Trustworthy to Download

EaseUS Todo PCTrans is developed as a clean, safe and easy-to-use data transfer assistant. The software makes sure the download is trustworthy that no other malware or unsolicited program is bundled in.

More importantly, EaseUS data transfer software offers an easiest and most automated method for Windows 10 data transfer. It is designed with a step-by-step interface for migrating Windows users account settings and files in the following scenarios:

  • From Windows 7/8/XP/Vista to Windows 10 after upgrading on the same computer by creating and restoring an image file;
  • From Windows 7/8/XP/Vista on an old PC to a new Windows 10 PC via a connected network or an image file.

Free download EaseUS Windows 10 migration assistant & try it out

PC to PC Transfer via the Connected Network

Run the Todo PCTrans on the two PCs and choose "PC to PC". The programs will detect another PC or through clicking "Add a PC" and input the IP address to connect another PC. After successful connecting two PCs, we could select the specific data, folders, applications to transfer.

Todo PCTrans

Transfer via an Image File

Step 1. Create an image file. 

1. Connect your USB (flash) drive/external hard drive to your source computer. Launch Todo PCTrans, click "Image Transfer > Start" on the main screen.

Transfer files via image - step 1

2. Select "Create Image File > Create" to move on.

Transfer files via image - step 2

3. Click "Edit"  at Applications, User Accounts, and Files columns to choose the specific data, applications, etc. to create an image. 

Transfer files via image - step 3

Step 2. Recover via the created image file.

1. Plugin your USB drive which stores the created image file to the target PC and open EaseUS Todo PCTrans. Click "Image Transfer > Start > Recover via Image File > Recover".

Transfer files from PC to PC via image - step 1

2. Click "Browse" to locate the image file. Then, choose "Recover" and go to the next step.

Transfer files from via image - step 2

3. Now, you can select Applications/Files/Accounts you want to recover.

Or you can click the "Edit" button to choose the specific data to be transferred flexibly. Click "Finish" to confirm. Besides, you can also click the edit icon > "Submit" to change the target path to recover and save the files.

Transfer files via image - step 3

Learn from the  video tutorial of transferring files, software to Windows 10 by using EaseUS Todo PCTrans

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EaseUS Todo PCTrans can transfer settings, applications and data between PCs and HDDs. Your all-round PC transfer and migrate software to upgrade devices without re-installation.