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How to Transfer Files/Data from PC to PC Without Internet

Updated by Tracy King on Aug 27, 2021

"Hi guys, does anyone know how to transfer files from PC to PC without internet? I need a way that can help me transfer some confidential files from my computer to a new PC offline. Don't mention a USB flash drive, or an external storage device please, the files are pretty heavy. Any suggestion?"

When we talk about the PC to PC transfer, most websites will recommend options that bond with file transfer with the internet using the Cloud storage, Bluetooth, WiFi, or copy-paste data to a flash drive. The article covers PC to PC file transfer software without the internet using the best PC transfer software - EaseUS Todo PCTrans and the USB-USB cable.

Workable Solutions Step-by-step Troubleshooting
Fix 1. Using EaseUS Todo PCTrans Choose "Backup & Restore" mode > back up what you want on the old PC...Full steps
Fix 2. Using a USB-USB cable Boot both the PCs > Insert one end of the cable into the USB port of your PC 1...Full steps

Which option is better? The PC migrating tool is great than the USB cable on the grounds that the software is exceeding cable in simple operation, massive file transfer, product price, and other transmission functions. Check the two reliable solutions for transfer data from PC to PC without internet below and pick what you like.

PC Transfer Software for PC to PC File Transfer Software Without Internet

Let's begin with the best PC transfer software - EaseUS Todo PCTrans to transfer files without the internet. This tool features files, programs, and accounts transfer with a high data security level, which allows you to directly transfer files from the old PC to new PC in the Backup & Restore pattern.

  • Backup & Restore: This function is what can help you here. You can use this mode to transfer files from PC to PC without the internet. Make backups of files, folders, or software on the previous computer, and transfer to the next one. It also works as a backup.

More patterns match your need:

  • PC to PC: This feature enables you to transfer files via the network connection. Connect two Windows laptops/PCs by IP in the same LAN and move your files, apps & accounts off the old PC to a new one.
  • App Migration: This one allows you to copy installed programs from one disk to another locally and free up space to resolve low disk space issue. 
  • Data Rescue: This is designed to recover your programs, accounts from the broken/unbootable PC. 
You can try the pro version by clicking the download button for a free trial.
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You can follow the steps below and apply EaseUS Todo PCTrans to start using the "Backup & Restore" function to transfer your files from PC to PC without using the internet.

Step 1. Create a backup file to transfer

  • Launch EaseUS Todo PCTrans on the source PC. Click "Backup & Restore" and click "Start" to go on.
Transfer files from PC to PC without network - step 1
  • Choose "Data Backup". Name the backup file, and set the external USB drive as the destination to save the backup file.
Transfer files from PC to PC without network - step 2
  • At the "Files" section, click "Edit" to choose files. Then, click "Finish" > "Backup" to wait for the process to complete.
Transfer files from PC to PC without network - step 3

When the creating process has completed, click "OK" to confirm. Safely eject the USB drive and connect it to the target PC. Move to recover the backup of files to the new PC using USB.

Step 2. Restore and transfer backup files to PC without network

  • Connect the external USB drive with the file created from the source PC to the target PC. Launch PCTrans, click "Backup & Restore" > "Start" > "Data Restore".
Transfer files from PC to PC without network - step 1
  • Click "Browse" to find the image file in your USB drive. Then, choose the correct backup file and click "Restore" to continue.
Transfer files from PC to PC without network - step 2
  • You can choose to transfer all the files or click "Edit" > choose specific files > "Finish" > "Restore" to recover specific files.
Transfer files from PC to PC without network - step 3

Download this software to gain the ability for transferring unlimited files and folders to a new device. 

1 Year Lifetime $55.96

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Support Windows 11/10/8/7

Use a USB-USB Cable to Transfer Files from PC to PC Without Internet

If you don't want to use a third-party program to transfer files offline, another way is to take the USB-USB cable for help. To do so, you need a USB-to-USB bridging cable or USB networking cable as shown below. So far, the cable works well but still contains limits. 

This PC data transfer cable works great for transferring files and folders (do not transfer programs) when upgrading from an older Windows 11/10/8/7 computer to a newer one. Both Windows 32-bit and 64-bit versions are supported. You can buy a USB transfer cable on amazon for $54.45.

how to transfer files from PC to PC using USB

Now, let's learn how to transfer files from PC to PC without the internet via the USB transfer cable.

Step 1. Boot both the PCs. Wait till both of them finishes the startup process and are ready to be used.

Step 2. Insert one end of the cable into the USB port of your PC 1, and the other end into the USB port of PC 2. Wait till both the PCs recognize the USB cable. This should also start an installation wizard.

Step 3. Choose the installation type by selecting the "USB Super link adapter." Then, click "Next" to continue.

Step 4. Select "High-Speed Data Bridge" from the "Mode" drop-down menu.

Step 5. Click on the "Start" menu and select "Run...". Type devmgmt.msc and hit "Enter".

Step 6. Click on the little plus sign to expand "System Devices." Check to make sure your USB cable is listed as "Hi-Speed USB Bridge Cable." Your cable may use a slightly different name, depending on the manufacturer.

Step 7. Insert the installation disk that was packaged with the USB cable into your CD/DVD-ROM drive. Follow the guided prompts to install the data transfer software. Repeat this step for the other computer to install the same software.

Step 8. Launch the program on both computers. You should see a two-sided window. On its left side, it will show your computer, and on its right side, it will show the remote computer or the new computer where you want to transfer the data.

Step 9. Select the drive/partition as per your preference. Drag the folders and files you want to transfer and drop them at the desired location. Disconnect the cable when the transfer is done.

As you can see, this method has three obvious disadvantages:

  • This method is very complicated and extremely difficult to operate.
  • A USB-to-USB bridging cable is expensive. It's more expensive than buying third-party PC data transfer software. EaseUS Todo PCTrans Pro costs $49.95.
  • The USB cable doesn't support migrating applications, only files, and folders.

So, to avoid these inconveniences, we highly recommend you try EaseUS Todo PCTrans to transfer files without the internet in a much simpler way. It takes only two steps to complete the transfer - creating the backup file on the source PC and restoring the file on the target PC.

See More: How to Transfer Files from PC to PC Using WiFi/With Internet

Online transfer is the counterpart of offline transfer, which is also the actual need of most people. You can transfer files from one PC to another or transfer files from one laptop to another wirelessly in a few ways. The how-article - transfer files from PC to PC in Windows 11/10 shows you the two easiest ways to migrate data from PC to PC by using a 1-click PC data transfer tool and Windows 11/10 Nearby sharing feature. 

Wrap It Up

This article covers the two most useful solutions to transfer files from PC to PC or move files from laptop to laptop without the internet. After reading the content and making a comparison, we believe that it's better for you to do it with an easy and reliable PC transfer program instead of a complicated USB cable. Additionally, if the data is not very large, you can use an external hard drive to copy and paste files from one computer to another offline.

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