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How to Share Files Between Two Laptops Using Wifi in Windows 10

Updated on Dec 18, 2018 by Brithny to PC Transfer

Are you trying to figure out how to share files between two laptops using Wifi in Windows 10? Here, a step-by-step tutorial shows you how to share files between two laptops wirelessly in Windows 10/8/7 with simple clicks.

"Hey, I get a new laptop and before giving up the old one, I need to transfer all the files to the new laptop. I know I can do it by copy and paste using an external USB drive. But the files are really large, and using an external USB drive will take a long time. Is there a way to quickly connect one laptop to another laptop? Can you transfer some data wirelessly?"

Share Files Between Two Laptops Using Wifi in Windows 10/8/7

Indeed, things become difficult when it comes to transferring large files between two laptops or other devices. To make things easier, we provide two solutions for you to transfer files between two laptops wirelessly in Windows 10/8/7.

Solution 1. Transfer Files Between Two Laptops Using File Transfer Software

If you need an effective solution, to save your time and energy from one laptop to another, your best choice is to use professional file transfer software. 

Here we’d like to recommend you try EaseUS PCTrans. This software supports you to transfer whatever you want such as personal files, important software, programs, games or apps into other drives on one laptop or other laptops with simple clicks.

And you may follow the tutorial below to directly transfer and share files between two laptops now:


For Windows 10/8/7/Vista/XP


Step 1: Install and launch EaseUS Todo PCTrans on both two laptops

On the source laptop, select "PC to PC" to continue.

Select the file tranfer mode.

Step 2: Connect both old and new laptops

1. Connect both two laptops on the same LAN and click "Continue" to move on.

Run Todo PCTrans on two laptops.

2. Identify the target laptop via its IP address, and connect the target laptop by clicking "Connect" .

If the target laptop doesn't show up, click "Add a PC" and input the IP address to connect it.

Connect two laptops

3. Input the login account and password of the selected laptop, click "OK" to continue.

Input login account and password to connect two laptops.

4. Choose the direction to transfer files - "Transfer from this PC to other PC" and click "OK" to continue.

Confirm the transfer direction.

Step 3: Select files that you want to transfer

1. Click "Edit" on Files column to select files for transfer.
Tick "Create a restore point..." option in case of unexpected system error happening.

Select files to transfer.

2. Click the Edit icon to submit a new path to redirect the selected files. Click "Finish" to continue.

Start transferring files.

Step 4: Transfer files from laptop to a new laptop

1. Click "Transfer" to start transferring files to a new laptop.

Transfer selected files.

2. EaseUS Todo PCTrans will initialize and transfer all selected files to the new laptop. All you need is to wait for the process to complete and click "OK" to exit.

Complete the transferring.

You can either choose to activate this software right away here.
Or you can do the activation job later when you execute the file transferring operation between your PCs:


EaseUS Todo PCTrans

Transfer your files now


Click to Activate



Except for transferring data from laptop to laptop, EaseUS Todo PCTrans can also transfer data from PC to laptop or from laptop to PC.

Solution 2. Use Cloud/Email/NAS/Local Network Drive/Apps

If your laptops are not using the same Lan, you can use Cloud/Email/APPs to transfer files.

  • Connect both laptops to the network.
  • Log in your Cloud/Email/APPs which you choose to transfer files or open Local Network Drive with your account.
  • Select files such as documents, images, videos, audios etc you need to share or transfer and sent to the new laptop or copy to the local network drive.
  • Receive and save shared/transferred files to the new laptop.

The only thing that may affect the transferring speed and process is the network speed.