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Best Method to Transfer Files from PC to PC without USB

Updated on Jul 17, 2019 by Tracy King to PC Transfer

This page provides the best way for you to directly transfer files from PC to PC without USB, SD card or external hard drive, etc. devices. If you want to share your Windows 7 files to Windows 8 or Windows 10 or you need to transfer files from a desktop computer to a laptop, just relax and follow method here to do the job now.

Can I transfer files from my old PC to a new PC without using USB?

"Does anyone know how to transfer files and data from one PC to another PC without using an external storage device such as USB? 
I bought a new computer last week, and everything works so great on the new machine. 
I have some useful files saved on my old computer, and I’m thinking to transfer them from the old PC to the new PC so that I can use those files on both two computers. 
I have more than 6GB of files and useful data on the current computer, and I don’t have a USB drive to copy and transfer those files to the computer. If I can move all essential files and data to the new PC at one time without using USB or other external storage device, things will be perfect.

To transfer or migrate useful files and data to a new computer has become a regular need when people are planning to change their computers. To avoid false or improper operations that may cause data loss issue for file transfer between two PCs, here, we’d like to recommend you try professional PC transfer software - EaseUS Todo PCTrans provided here below for help.

Apply the Best PC Transfer Software for Help

EaseUS Todo PCTrans allows you to transfer files from old PC to new PC, transfer installed applications to another drive within one computer and you can also apply it to transfer your files to a new PC without using USB on Windows 10, 8 or 7.

You may download and install this software on both of your computers and apply it to start transferring your files now:


For Windows 10/8/7/Vista/XP

Tutorial: Transfer Files from PC to PC without Using USB

Please do remember to activate this software on your computer so to transfer unlimited files and data to your new PC.

EaseUS Todo PCTrans

Start transferring your programs now


Click to Activate



Step 1: Open EaseUS Todo PCTrans on both of your computers.

Choose "PC to PC" to go to the next step.

Transfer files from PC to PC - Step 1

Step 2:  Connect two PCs via network

1. Connected the two PCs on the same LAN and click the "Continue" button to move on.

Transfer files from PC to PC - Step 2

2. Find another PC by IP and click "Connect" to go on. You can also click the "Add a PC" button to find PC by entering its IP address manually.

Transfer files from PC to PC - Step 3

Enter the username and password. If there is no password, click "OK" directly.

3. Choose the transferring direction - "Transfer from this PC to other PC" or in the vice versa.

Transfer files from PC to PC - Step 5

Step 3 Select files to transfer from PC to PC

1. Click "Edit" to select files at the Files column > "Finish" > "Transfer" to confirm transferring the specific files you have selected.

You can also click the "Edit" icon to renagivate a new location to save files.

Transfer files from PC to PC - Step 7

2. Wait for the process finishes. PCTrans will transfer files at a fast speed. It won't take too long.

Transfer files from PC to PC - Step 8

All you need is to wait for the process complete and then you’ll be able to use those files on your new computer again.