How to Transfer Data from SD Card to Another on Samsung

This page clearly explains how to transfer data from SD card to another on Samsung. Readers will get helpful information and step-by-step guidelines for simple data migration.

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You might wonder, "How do I transfer everything from one SD card to another Samsung?" if you find yourself seeking to transfer your data from an old one to a new one. There are different ways to move files, such as photos, videos, documents, and more, from one SD card to another. EaseUS will give you the best way to transfer data from your SD card.

View the Necessary Information to Transfer Data from SD Card to Another:


3-7 minutes

💻Supported System

✔️Windows System


⛏️Required Software

SD Card Transfer tool - EaseUS Todo PCTrans 

Tool for Samsung SD Card - Samsung Data Migration


1️⃣Transfer Data with SD Card Transfer Tool - Easy & Quick

2️⃣Try to Copy and Paste to Transfer the Data - Time-consuming

3️⃣Transfer Samsung SD Card with Samsung Data Migration - Medium

4️⃣Transfer Data to Another SD Card with Android Device - Complicated

Can I Transfer Data from SD Card to Another on Samsung

Of course, you can transfer data from SD card to another on a Samsung computer or Samsung mobile phone. Transferring data from SD card to another is one of the most common situations that SD card users encounter. Here is a typical case:

I have been using a microSD card for a long time but recently switched to a new SD card with ample storage space. I am looking for a simple way to transfer my essential data from the old SD card to the new one. I would be very grateful if someone could help me migrate my files without running into the danger of losing them. - from Quora

If you meet the same situation, don't worry. This guide will discuss some efficient solutions you want for swift transfers with no data loss. Let's find the best way for you to transfer data from SD card to another Samsung SD card.

How to Transfer Data from SD Card to Another with Samsung PC [Quickly]

This section discusses two popular methods to transfer data from one SD card to another. You may try specialist SD card transfer tools to streamline the process and increase convenience and effectiveness. Or try the traditional technique that involves transferring the files manually using a straightforward copy-and-paste approach.

Method 1. Transfer Data with SD Card Transfer Tool

EaseUS Todo PCTrans is a free and convenient software designed to fulfill your storage management needs in one place. The software is compatible with various Samsung products, including Samsung computers and Samsung SD cards. It is a specialized data transfer tool that is the most reliable and efficient way to move or copy data. This tool can assist you to copy, transfer, backup, and recover your data in no time.

 Its user-friendly interface and "Backup and Restore" feature ensure easy data transfer between storage devices, including SD cards. With this program, you may quickly and effortlessly move folders, files, programs, and even user accounts from one SD card to another. 

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Support Windows 11/10/8/7

Download the free EaseUS Todo PCTrans and follow the installation instructions. Try it out and discover how easy this tool makes data transfer. 

Step 1. Create a backup image of installed apps

1. Launch EaseUS Todo PCTrans on your PC and go to "Backup & Restore", click "Start" to continue.

run EaseUS Todo PCTrans

2. Select "Data Backup" on the Backup Method window and click "Next" to continue.

Select data backup

3. Click "Browse" to set a target location for saving the backup file. 

4. On the "Application" section, select applications that you want to back up.

select application for transfer

5. Last, click "Back up" to start creating the backup image of selected applications. When the process to completes, continue with Step 2.

Step 2. Restore apps from the created backup file

Note: If the app exists on your PC, it won't restore the app image to your PC. You'll need to uninstall the existing one and retry again with the next guidelines.

1. Plugin the hard drive that create the backup file and open the PCTransImage folder. 

Double-click the file you backup and it will automatically turn to the EaseUS Todo PCTrans interface.

select the backup program

2. On the Application section, tick programs and applications that you want to restore from the image file and click "Restore".

restore application image

EaseUS Todo PCTrans provides steady performance and extensive data transport capabilities. It also provides the following features:

Download it, and you can enjoy its benefits!

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Support Windows 11/10/8/7

Method 2. Try Copy and Paste to Transfer the Data

The second method to transfer data from one SD card to another on Samsung is manually copy and paste. If you are using Samsung SD card, you can try this way. Any computer user can seamlessly perform this procedure by following the steps below: 

Step 1: Connect both SD cards to different computer ports and see if the system recognizes them.

Note* Use SD card readers to mount these cards in computers.

Step 2: Click "This PC" in the left menu bar of "File Explorer" after opening it.

Find the SD card in file explorer in Windows 11

Step 3: Double-click the SD card from where you want to move files.

Step 4: Select the folder/files you want to move. Right-click on it and click "Copy."

Copy files from the old SD card to another

Pro tip* hold the "Ctrl" key and click the files individually if you want to transfer specified files. Press "Ctrl + C" to copy all selected files.

Step 5: Select "This PC" from the left panel and double-click the other SD card. 

Step 6: Press the "Ctrl + V" keys to paste the data. 

Step 7: Check if the data is transferred successfully. 

Step 8: Click "This PC" again from the left panel. To safely remove the SD cards, right-click each one, and choose "Eject" separately.

You may find this procedure time-consuming if you have a lot of data saved in various files. In addition, it does not work to transfer hidden files. We recommend you try the first solution to smoothly transfer data from one SD card to another on Samsung in no time. If you think this tutorial is helpful, click the buttons and share it with others in need.


Method 3. Transfer Samsung SD Card with Samsung Data Migration

If you are using an SD card provided by Samsung, then you can also use Samsung Data Migration, a professional data transfer tool provided by Samsung, which can help you migrate operating systems, application software, and user data.

Step 1. Link the target drive to your computer and open Samsung Data Migration.

Step 2. Select the target drive and the volume you want to clone.

samsung data migration

Step 3. Click Start Cloning.

How to Transfer Data from SD Card to Another on Samsung Phone

You will not need to worry about transferring your SD card data if you don't have a computer. We will provide a step-by-step guide to transferring data from one SD card to another using a Samsung Android device. You need an OTG card reader to connect your card to the Samsung Android smartphone. If you own an SD card reader, you can only use an OTG cable to attach it to your phone.

Here are the steps to transfer data from SD card to another with an Android device:

Note* The instructions could differ slightly Depending on the Android device.

Step 1: Open Settings and enable OTG setting to mount the device. 

Step 2: Insert both cards into the OTG/card reader. You can insert one if your phone has an SD card slot. 

Step 3: Open File Manager, go to "Files," then select "Local."

Step 4: Open the SD card where you want to transfer files.

Step 5: Select the files or folders.

Step 6: Tap "three dots" from the top right corner and select "Copy/Move."

Copy  your Data from your SD card via mobile

Step 7: Go back to the "File Manager" and open the other SD card.

Step 8: Select the destination and tap the "Move/Copy" option.

The transfer process may take some time, depending on the amount of data.

Once the transfer is complete, eject the connected SD cards. Here's how to do it:

Step 1: Go to Settings > Storage > SD card > Eject

The transfer speed between SD cards and Android smartphones can be relatively slow when transferring massive data. Using a computer may be preferable for faster and more convenient data transfers for gigabytes of data.


We hope this page helped you understand how to transfer data from SD Card to another on Samsung. EaseUS Todo PCTrans is a comparatively efficient option to transfer files from Windows PC to an SD card. It can help you to transfer files, folders, games, and apps to an SD card. If this tool has already resolved your data transfer issue, retaining this all-in-one tool as a potential future data management solution is recommended.

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FAQs About How to Transfer Data from SD Card to Another on Samsung

Follow this FAQs section if you have further queries about How to Transfer Data from SD Card to Another on Samsung. 

1. How to transfer data between microSD cards for Nintendo Switch?

Turn off your Nintendo Switch console and remove the microSD card from it. Easily connect to a computer by placing the SD card into the card reader. Transfer your desired data to the SD card and insert it into the Nintendo Switch.

2. How to transfer data from SD card to internal storage?

Connect your SD card to your mobile or PC to transfer data from your SD card to internal storage. Ensure that the device recognizes the card, then opens the file manager. Find the files or folders you want to transfer. Select files/folders and tap the "Move/Copy" option. Open the internal storage and paste the files to your desired location.

3. How can I move my Samsung's internal storage to an SD card?

Use the following process to transfer internal storage from a Samsung device to an SD card:

Connect the SD card to your Samsung mobile or tablet. Open "Settings" and tap "Storage." Go to "internal storage" and select the files or folders you want to transfer. Tap three dots from the top right corner and choose "Move/Copy." Go back to "Storage" and expand the SD card to paste the files here.

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How to Transfer Data from SD Card to Another on Samsung

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