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Create A Windows 11 Recovery Disk from Another Computer with 2 Methods

Updated by Jean on Sep 01, 2021

Can You Create a Windows 11 Recovery Disk from Another Computer?

Having a backup is extremely essential. Imagine losing your data because of some virus or technical problem and having no backup. Sounds like a nightmare, right? It can be devastating to lose your data without having a backup. There are many ways to back up your data and keep it safe and ready to be recovered. You can prepare a backup by creating a recovery disk. 

Windows 11 offers a recovery disk option for troubleshooting and restoring your computer. This option has been around since the launch of Windows 7. Why will you need a recovery disk? Let's look at an example below. 

"Last week I upgraded my Dell computer from window 10 to window 11, and I had many files that needed to be deleted. But now I cannot boot up my computer, and I was told to create a recovery disk from another computer. Can you help me to create a recovery disk? Thanks."

You know what? "Can you create a windows 11 recovery disk from another computer" is a question asked by many. 

Why Is A Windows 11 Recovery Disk Helpful?

If your Windows has a boot problem, you need to create a recovery disk. Yes, you can make a recovery disk using a disk (CD/DVD) or USB flash drive in Windows from another working PC. A recovery disk will allow you to troubleshoot and reset your PC. It is always good to have a recovery disk even if your PC is functioning well. A recovery disk becomes a true blessing when your PC Windows suddenly crashes. Believe us, you always want to keep a recovery disk at hand. 

What should you prepare to create a recovery disk? Before we jump on to the process of creating a recovery disk. Let's go through some of its prerequisites. You need to prepare an 8GB flash drive. It should be at least 8GB but the larger it is, the better. Then, you need an ISO file. The only trustworthy source to download ISO is Microsoft's website. Or, you can download Windows 11 ISO using EaseUS Win11Builder automatically.

The other thing you can do is download Windows backup software. A reliable software will perform this task efficiently and your valuable time will be saved. Another benefit of using a professional tool is the task will be done quickly. We recommend using third-party software instead of going through the process manually and wasting your time. 

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Method 1. How to Create Windows 11 Recovery Disk with Windows ISO

We will give you a thorough guide to create Windows 11 recovery disk with Windows ISO. The Windows 11 ISO has not been launched yet but it will be out soon. 

Step 1: You need to prepare an empty USB having a minimum of 8GB space. The more space your USB contains, the better. Go to Microsoft’s official website to download Windows 11 ISO.

Step 2: Click on "Download Tool Now" and launch it on your computer. Accept the terms and conditions. 

Step 3: Now, you will be shown two options. Select "Create installation media for another PC". 

Step 4: Click Next and choose the edition, architecture 64-bit or 32-bit, and language.

Step 5: Nextly, select the USB flash drive as the media to use.

Step 6: Finally, start creating the installation media. 

Next, How to restore Windows 11 from the recovery USB

When you are done creating the recovery disk, follow the steps given below to recover Windows 11 using the recovery device. 

Step 1: Start your computer and connect your recovery disk to it.

Step 2: Select "Troubleshoot" and select the recovery option. 

recover disk 1

Step 3: Go to "advanced options" and then "system restore". 

recover disk 2

Step 4: Now, Reset your PC and it will ask you if you want to keep or remove your files. 

recover disk 3

Step 5: Lastly, choose "Recover from a device" and Windows 11 will be reinstalled. 

recover disk 4

Method 2. Create Windows 11 Recovery Disk with EaseUS Todo Backup

Save yourself from the above-mentioned steps and download the EaseUS Todo Backup tool to make this process simple. The EaseUS Todo Backup tool offers an easy solution to create a windows 11 recovery disk from another computer. The tool has a long list of incredible features that are going to make it super handy for you to recover Windows 11 from another computer. It is supremely user-friendly. 

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Support Windows 11/10/8/7

Step 1. Create an emergency disk on a healthy computer

To save your time and energy, we'd like to suggest you create an emergency disk to a USB or external hard drive rather on a healthy computer with EaseUS Todo Backup.

1. Connect an empty USB flash drive or external hard drive with over than 100GB space to your PC.
2. Run EaseUS Todo Backup and click "Tools > Create Emergency Disk".

Create emergency disk for transfer OS to new computer.

3. Choose USB as the disk location to create the emergency disk which will help you boot computer when it fails to boot or restore the system to dissimilar new PC.
4. Click "Proceed".

Start creating emergency disk for system transfer.

Step 2. Create a Windows system image backup for restoring to dissimilar hardware

1. Run EaseUS Todo Backup on the healthy computer and click "System Backup" on the left pane.
2. Choose the Windows OS and specify the USB flash drive which contains the emergency disk as the destination disk to save system image.
If you are worried about data loss issue by saving the system image to the emergency disk drive, you may also save system backup to another empty external hard drive with over 100GB free space.

Create system image for transferring system to new computer.

This will help you create a full backup of the whole Windows system and all installed programs, applications on your C drive to the selected device.

3. Click "Proceed" to start creating a system backup image to the target device.

Step 3. Boot the dissimilar hardware/computer from EaseUS Todo Backup emergency disk

1. Connect the USB flash drive or external hard drive with emergency disk and system backup image to the new computer.
2. Restart PC and press F2/F8 to boot into BIOS.
3. Change boot drive and set the computer to boot from the EaseUS Todo Backup emergency disk.
Then you'll enter EaseUS Todo Backup main interface.

Step 4. Transfer and recover the system to dissimilar hardware or new computer

1. On EaseUS Todo Backup main window, click "System Transfer". 

Start transferring system to new computer.

2. Select the system image on your drive and click "OK" to continue.

Choose system image to transfer.

3. Specify the disk to save system image and tick "System Transfer" in Advanced options, click "OK" to save changes.
Then click "Proceed" to start transferring system and even some installed programs on system C: drive to the new hardware computer now.

Start transferring system to the new computer.

Step 5. Restart PC with transferred system
1. Change boot sequence in BIOS to set the computer to boot up from the drive with the transferred system.
2. Save all changes and restart your computer.
3. Update all drive drivers and programs to ensure all things will work just fine on the new computer.


We have given you two brilliant solutions to create a windows 11 recovery disk from another computer. Having a recovery disk always proves to be beneficial. It has your back whenever your Windows gets affected or corrupted. With a tool like EaseUS, you can create a recovery disk effortlessly. Such tools make any task unchallenging. The EaseUS Todo Backup is a flawless tool to optimize your computer and get every task done in minutes. It offers a wide array of features and tools. Go through the steps mentioned in the guide to successfully create a windows 11 recovery disk from another computer. 

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