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10 Best Windows Backup Software of 2022 (Features, Pros & Cons)

Updated by Gemma on Mar 10, 2022
Written by Jean

What's the Role of Window Backup Software?

In the current times, PC or laptops have become an essential requirement of our lives. Whether you're a business owner or a personal user, this technology has become a necessity for each of us. Be it any photo, music, video, important documents, account information, or other confidential data, we depend on this technology.

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Regular Backup of Your Data Works as an Effective Strategy

Losing all your data due to a system crash or a hardware problem can be disturbing. Hence, to save yourself from this pain, it is essential to have some backup. Google Drive and Microsoft OneDrive can be ideal solutions to protect your data. Or you can copy all of your data to an external drive. But is it safe enough to rely on a single backup solution? Won't manually transferring your files to an external drive be very time-consuming?

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To save you from all the hassle, we have listed some best Windows backup software that can automatically set up different backups whenever you need to. But before naming any of those, you need to understand ''what is backup and recovery software?''

A backup software automatically makes a digital copy of your digital drive, documents, and folders and saves them in their remote servers online. Using reliable backup software can be very convenient as it can save your data from:

  • Hackers
  • Natural disasters
  • Viruses
  • Ransomware

Top 10 Windows Backup Software

So, we tried 10 different Windows Backup software to understand how they work. Below we've described their features and all the information you need to know about them.

1)  EaseUS Todo Backup

easeus todo backup

EaseUS Todo Backup is a user-friendly software that allows users to back up their important files or the entire system. This software has a well-organized interface suitable for home users enabling them to back up their data.

This software offers packages for businesses, service providers, and home users with an incremental backup for up to 16TB of data.

Salient Features

  • Automatically updates as soon as a new version is available.
  • Recovers data and provides Windows 11 files and system backup with just one click.
  • Offers efficient mode that provides complete and secure backup.
  • Automatically overwrites and deletes old backups
  • A highly responsive interface

EaseUS Todo Backup now provides a cloud service plan for users to backup data to the cloud. How cool is that!

Key Benefits

  • This software offers a 30-day free trial.
  • Affordable
  • Supports both Windows and macOS
  • It offers separate packages for home, business, and technician users.

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Support Windows 11/10/8/7

2)  File History

windows file history

It is a built-in Windows backup software that creates system images to recover the entire system. You can transfer your files to another drive and restore them using this application. It is a simple software made for home users with an easy-to-use interface.


  • File History creates system images.
  • It provides backup to all your files and folders.
  • It supports Windows 7 and 10.

Key benefits

  • Automatically syncs your pictures, data, and essential documents.


  • This Windows software doesn't support older Windows.
  • It doesn't support cloud, network backup and other advanced features.

3)  Backup and restore

windows backup and restore

This is a Windows backup and restores software that can backup all your PC's data to save you from the loss of any file or document due to hard drive failure.


  • It helps you create a system image
  • It can take a snapshot of your entire system

Key benefits

  • It lets you keep all your data in place without having to involve any third party.


  • Needs investment for hardware and infrastructure
  • It requires extra space and an IT room dedicated to it

4)  Acronis True Image


Acronis True Image software can detect and reverse any unauthorized encryption of your hard drive. This software offers all the features that are expected from reliable backup software. Along with this, it has the capability to precisely capture the data on your Windows.


  • It offers 5TB of storage.
  • The premium package provides electronic signatures.
  •  It provides office 365 backup.
  •  It provides its users with full system image backup.
  •  It provides anti-ransomware protection.

Key benefits

  • This software offers scripts and guides on how to uninstall completely.
  • It's a cross-platform that works with all software


  • It takes extra time to boot.
  • The interface is rather confusing at first although simple but needs exploration to figure out further. 

5)  DriveImage XML

driveimage xml

This is a reliable and straightforward software that lets you backup logical drives and partitions. This software enables you to backup all your images without having to reboot your device. It offers two versions; paid one for commercial use and free for home users.


  • This software provides compressed images.
  • DriveImage XML lets you view and extract your image files.
  • It lets you copy your data from drive to drive
  • It lets you view your files in an XML version
  • Automatically schedules your backup.

Key benefits

  • This software lets you view your content even if it is not restored yet.
  • Its simple interface doesn't let you put in a lot of effort.


  • It doesn't provide backup for MBR
  • It is not open-source software.

6)  Cobian Backup


 Cobian Backup software allows remote backup systems by providing network backup. This software tool offers a host of different features. Also, it can back up your files in other locations. This software is best suitable for meeting the needs of businesses as well as home users.


  • It protects the user's data with strong encryption.
  • It provides multiple backups at different locations.
  • It provides differential backups as per users' needs.
  • It supports FTP backup.

Key benefits

  • Backups systems and files on Windows and macOS for free.
  • It provides incremental backup.


  • It does not offer customer support services.

7)  Macrium Reflect


Macrium Reflect is a reliable and efficient backup software for your Windows PC. This software not only backups our confidential data but also provides help in disk cloning and imaging. This software safely secures our data in a backup file that can quickly be recovered in case of any loss.


  • This software has a beginner accessible interface, making it easy to understand even by those users who haven't used any backup software before.
  • Macrium Reflect provides its users with a progressive backup.
  • Restores all your data flawlessly, without creating a problem.

Key benefits

  • Allows direct booting of the domain using the recovery boot menu
  • Capable of scheduling your backup.


  • It lacks features in free mode
  • The interface is a little bit complicated for a newbie

8)  Clonezilla

clonezilla software

This is an open-source software created for disk imaging, disk partition cloning tasks, and data recovery. Clonezilla allows its users to multicast restoring at the rate of 8.5GB  per minute. Clonezilla provides efficient cloning by saving and restoring only the used chunks in hard disks.


  •  UEFI or BIOS machine bootable
  •  It Provides system support to multi-files.
  •  Provides single image restore
  •  Restores and saves the whole disk/partition.
  •  Unattended mode

Key benefits

  • This software can be accessed through a variety of website resources. Users can easily download it.
  • This software consistently improves with the latest updates and regular fixes.


  • This software only supports web-based devices.

9)  Paragon Backup and Recovery

paragon software

Paragon Backup and recovery software has simplified complex backup solutions by offering flexible options. This software creates a partial and complete backup of systems and files. This software is very useful for creating bootable ISO and USB drives. Using this software, users can quickly fix boot problems, rescue files, and perform restoration.


  • Paragon Backup and recovery software can easily copy disks.
  • This software can create a recovery disk.
  • It doesn't use any background services resulting in quick backups.
  • Partition disks, volumes are available.

Key benefits

  • Provides a USB recovery data
  • Very affordable in cost
  • It has a very user-friendly interface; not much knowledge is needed to operate and get started.


  • It doesn't provide any bundled cloud storage

10) Iperius Backup


 This software is a great backup software to use with simple and reliable data protection. This is a powerful backup software that can run multiple and parallel backups with detailed reports. This software can be installed as a Windows service without any license expiration or limitation.


  • Can copy files and folders to any mass storage device.
  • Can create whole disk image without any interruption
  • Allows you to compress and encrypt any backup file
  • It lets you copy your backup files to any destination.

Key benefits

  • It provides incremental backup to RDX, network, disk, USB, and NAS.
  • Provides ransomware protection to encrypted files


  • This software provides support only to Windows OS.


Backing up your PC should be your priority; this will ensure that your necessary data is saved. Also, it will boost your PC's performance and give you better results. To help you choose, we have collected some best backup software along with their features and cons and rated EaseUS Todo Backup as the best one; make your mind and select the one that meets your needs the best.

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