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Copying Files Stuck at 99% or Other Percentages Solutions

Posted on Mar 07, 2018 by Jean to Partition Manager

Copying files on laptop, USB flash drive or external hard drive always stops and gets stuck at 0% to 99%, the process seems never to finish! How to solve the Windows 7/Windows 10 problem of copying, moving or transferring massive files stuck issue? Refer to the perfect solutions in this post.

Copying or moving large files stuck at 99% for a long time

"While trying to copy/move files, especially large sizes of over 10GB in Windows 7 from or to any external hard drive, I notice that the transfer activity remains until 99% where it stops responding. Wait for some minutes, and then it completes the few remaining bytes. But sometimes an even worse case is that I would wait for half a day!"

When you encountered the Windows 7/Windows 10 problem of copying, moving or transferring massive files stuck at 99% or other percentages, first of all, try some simple fixes!

Five basic troubleshooting suggestions:

1. Zip the file before transferring it.
2. Keep only one antivirus software on your computer. Uninstall the excessive ones that might be draining your computer resource.
3. Scan and remove suspicious malware and virus.
4. Clear some documents, files and icons on your desktop, and do not install too much software on C drive.
5. Install a new memory in your PC.

I hope that you are now experiencing a fast speed in file transferring after applying one of the five methods, and the 99% completion progress has passed away.

Furthermore, in case that you're not so lucky in getting rid of the 99% figure in the basic troubleshooting steps, we are going to show you some other advanced solutions to improve the file copying speed.

EaseUS Partition Master - A disk cleanup and optimization software

Before proceeding with the next advanced solutions to solve the problem of copying files always stops and gets stuck at 0, 10, 40, 60, 90 or 100, download a piece of free partition manager software called EaseUS Partition Master on your computer (All Windows operating systems are supported). No matter it's about Windows 10 freezes when copying files or copying files won't continue in progress, this software is for good use.

Download Now

 Windows 10 is supported

Step 1. Launch EaseUS Partition Master and choose Cleanup and Optimization.
Then click Disk Optimization.

choose disk optimization to speed up file copying speed

Step 2. Choose the hard drive such as System C drive or the external flash drive that you need to improve the file transfer speed and click Optimize.

choose a drive location and click optimize

Enable write-caching settings in Windows 7/8/10

One hidden storage device setting in Windows has an impact on the file copying/moving/transferring speed. To make your hard drive or USB file transfer faster, it's a good idea to disable the write-caching feature by following the three steps.

Step 1. Press Windows + X to bring up a menu, and choose Device Manager from the list.
Step 2. Open Device Manager, locate the exact drive which has a problem in copying files faster and double-click it.
Step 3. Navigate to Policies tab and check Better performance. Check Enable write caching on this device option. Now click on OK to save changes.

enable write-caching to fix copying files stuck at 99%