Windows 10 File Transfer Tool (Windows 11 Available)

Download free Windows 10 file transfer tool to transfer program files, user files, setup files, document/music/picture/app files from Windows 7,8,8.1,10,11 to Windows 10,11 PC easily.

EaseUS Todo PCTrans

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Support Windows 11/10/8/7

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This page introduces you to a third-party free Windows 10 file transfer tool to help with fast, safe, convenient program files, user files, documents/music/picture/app files transfer from Windows Vista, XP, 7, 8, 8.1, 10 to Windows 10 PC with ease, even though Windows 10 does not include Windows 10 Easy Transfer program any longer.

Why You Need Windows 10/11 File Transfer Tool

Windows users, especially those of Windows 7 and Windows 8.1, get very familiar with Windows Easy Transfer, an extremely easy-to-use and powerful Windows files and settings transfer program. But Microsoft dismissed the free utility ever since you upgraded to Windows 10. Instead, it's replaced by PCmover Express, which is not freely offered.

Is there any other free alternative for Windows Easy Transfer in Windows 10/11? The answer is YES, and the recommendation goes to EaseUS Todo PCTrans, a third-party Windows 10 easy file transfer wizard. You can get more details about this tool from the table below:

  Free Download

Support Windows 11/10/8/7

  🏅EaseUS Todo PCTrans
💽File type
  1. ✔️Programs, apps, installed software, (app) settings
  2. ✔️Files, folders, videos, photos, and so on
  3. ✔️Games
  4. ✔️More
💻Compatibility Windows 11/10/8/7, Windows XP/Vista, and earlier versions
🔎Free or Paid 🔦Free
🔨Interface Clear and user-friendly
✨Main features
  • ✔️PC to PC
  • ✔️App Migration
  • ✔️Backup and Restore
  • ✔️Data Rescue
  • ✔️System and Large File Cleanup
  • ✔️App Management
🚩Target user Beginners and users with experience

As you can see, EaseUS Todo PCTrans can do the following tasks:

  1. 1. Transfer program files and user data files between PCs; i.e., Transfer OS, data, files, and software from an old computer to a new computer.
  2. 2. Transfer application files between local hard disks within one PC; i.e., Safely transfer programs from C drive to D drive in Windows 10/11.
  3. 3. Transfer program files and user data files from the previous Windows OS to the new Windows OS after the Windows in-place upgrade. i.e., Windows 7 to Windows 10 easy transfer.

  Free Download

Support Windows 11/10/8/7

How to Use the Recommended Windows 10/11 File Transfer Wizard

EaseUS Todo PCTrans allows users to transfer all types of files in three modes: PC to PC, Image Transfer, and App Migration. The three modes can be best applied in the following situations.

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Support Windows 11/10/8/7

Transfer from PC to PC

Applicable to two PCs in the same LAN, from a lower Windows operating system to a higher one, with a constant network connection.

Guide: Run Todo PCTrans on both of the two PCs and choose "PC to PC." Windows file transfer wizard will automatically detect the other PC or manually connect the other PC by clicking the "+" icon and inputting the IP address. After successfully connecting the two PCs, select the application, files, and folders to start the transfer.

main screen

If you want to transfer files from the old one to the new one, don't miss this tool. By clicking the buttons below, you can share this article to help more users who want to transfer between PCs.


Backup and Restore

Applicable to file transfer within one PC or two PCs without requiring the network connection and versions of the Windows operating system.

Guide: Launch Todo PCTrans, click "Backup and Restore," and choose folders program files to create an image file for the source computer (you can create the image file to an external storage device). Copy the image file to the target computer. On another computer or a new system, run EaseUS Todo PCTrans and choose "Restore," and you can restore the image to a new environment.

backup restore interface

  Free Download

Support Windows 11/10/8/7

App Migration

Applicable to large-size application files, game files transfer from one drive to another, especially in the case that the C drive shows a low disk space warning, and you need to free up some space for it.

Guide: Launch Todo PCTrans and choose "App Migration." All movable applications will be listed and marked as "Yes." Choose applications that you want to transfer, and specify a location at "Transfer to." Click "Transfer" to move the selected applications.

image transfer

  Free Download

Support Windows 11/10/8/7

The next part continues to discuss the Windows 10 file transfer tool. Continue to read.

Windows 10 File Transfer Tool FAQs

Do you have any other questions about Windows file transfer tools? If you do, continue to read this part. Here are some questions to help:

1. How can I transfer everything from my old computer to my new Windows 10/11 computer?

It is an easy job to transfer files from PC to PC on Windows 10/11 if you own an external storage device. Try the following steps:

Step 1. First, you need to connect a USB or an SD card to the old PC; then, drag the target files to the external storage device.

Step 2. Again, connect the USB or SD card to your new PC; drag the target files from the external storage device to the new PC.

2. How to transfer files between PCs on Windows 10?

Things will be easy if you use EaseUS Todo PCTrans. Download this tool and try the following steps:

Step 1. Launch EaseUS Todo PCTrans on your new and old PCs.

Step 2. Select the "PC to PC" feature from the main screen and choose the proper transmission direction

Step 3. By entering the destination PC's verification code, you can join two PCs on the same LAN.

Step 4. Locate the target files to move to the new computer and click "Transfer." Be patient as you wait for the transfer to complete.

3. Can I transfer programs to a new computer for free?

Yes, you can. Although Windows does not have a tool to help you transfer programs to a new computer, you can turn to a reliable tool, such as EaseUS Todo PCTrans. This tool comes with a "PC to PC" feature, which can help you transfer programs, apps, and app settings to a new computer for free.

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Windows 10 File Transfer Tool (Windows 11 Available)

Try smart Windows 11 data transfer tool to move all data in 1 click.

EaseUS Todo PCTrans

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Support Windows 11/10/8/7