Zinstall Review - Windows PC to PC Transfer Software
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PCMover VS. Zinstall VS. EaseUS Todo PCTrans: Which Is Better?

Zinstall Review - Windows PC to PC Transfer Software

Windows Easy Transfer is not available in Windows 10, which makes third-party PC transfer software essential for users who purchased new computers and, at the same time, wish to keep everything on the old machine. 

For example, Zinstall's WinWin product is one of the most popular PC migration software, which transfers all your stuff from your old computer to your new one, including programs, documents, music, pictures, favorites, emails, accounts, settings, and of course all of your files.

Zinstall copies everything to your new computer and makes it feel just like the old one. Your programs, documents, music, pictures, favorites, emails, accounts, passwords, profiles, settings - and all of your files. - Zinstall

Transfer Mode

The software works with Windows 11. You can go with a fast file migration from Windows 10 to Windows 11, between two Windows 11 computers, and any old Windows version to Windows 11. After data transfer, your old PC stays the same - None will erase.

If your PCs are under the same network, you don't need to use any special cables to do the transfer. Otherwise, you can connect a normal cable between them.

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Setup and Run Zinstall Software

To purchase software first, then click to download Zinstall.

download Zinstall

  • Once downloaded and installed on both machines, you can choose "Old PC" on the source computer. On the target computer, choose "New PC". Wait until the scan is complete.
  • Choose what to transfer: programs, user profiles, files, etc.
  • Then, it starts to transfer.

Zinstall - set up source and target pc

How Much Does Zinstall Cost?

Product Function Price

Zinstall WinWin

  • Transfer apps, documents, accounts, and settings.
  • Migrate data over wired or wireless networks.
  • Move data between different OS.


Zinstall Migration Kit Pro

Besides basic migration, the Pro supports transferring data to virtual machines, cloud drives, Azure AD, and Mac OS environments.


Zinstall Easy Transfer

Move files, settings, and profiles to the new PC.


Common Issues of Zinstall WinWin Windows Easy Transfer Software

Zinstall WinWin does a great job in migration between computers. However, it's far from perfect when problems come. Some common issues were reported by customers, most of which they can hardly resolve.

  • Message codes 322, 279, 252, and 190 during migration. (Check to fix message code.)
  • WinWin can't detect the old computer or the new one.
  • Incompatible applications detected errors when running Zinstall.
  • Windows requests security approval every time Zinstall is about to run.

Zinstall Free Alternative - EaseUS Todo PCTrans

How are you going to deal with the Zinstall migration problem? Some troubleshooting methods do not apply to average users because they are too complex. In such cases, turn to the best Zinstall WinWin alternative, EaseUS Todo PCTrans, which shall be your best choice for an easy-to-use PC-to-PC transfer program with the highest success rate of migration from an old computer to a new one.

Free to transfer 2GB files and five programs.

  Free Download

Support Windows 11/10/8/7

Above all, it's much cheaper than Zinstall WinWin software. Second, EaseUS Todo PCTrans Free supports a more comprehensive data migration solution within one computer or between computers.

1. PC to PC Transfer

Run Todo PCTrans on both PCs and choose "PC to PC." The programs will detect another PC by clicking the "+" icon and input the IP address to connect to another PC. After successfully connecting two PCs, we could select the specific data, folders, and applications to transfer.

2. Image Transfer

Launch Todo PCTrans, click "Backup & Restore" and "Data Backup," and choose the folder programs to create the image. Then, transfer and copy the image to the targeted computer, run Todo PCTrans on the new system, and select "Data Restore."

3. App Migration

Run EaseUS Todo PCTrans and choose "App Migration." All movable applications will be listed and marked as "Yes." Then, choose the applications you want to transfer from the system C drive to another drive or partition. Then select the location where you want to transfer to, like D drive. Click "Transfer" to move selected applications to the destination drive or partition with ease. For example, transfer applications from C drive to D drive

Other Alternative - PCmover

PCmover is a software that helps people move their files, settings, and applications from one computer to another. It is useful for people upgrading to a new computer or for those who need to transfer their data to a new operating system. It's like magic! Just sit back and relax while PCmover does the work for you.


Go to read more: PCmover.

PCMover VS. Zinstall VS. EaseUS Todo PCTrans: Which Is Better?

To Use Free Data Migration Software on Windows 10/11:

Comparison EaseUS Todo PCTrans PCmover Zinstall
Free Using(💵)
Price of Paid Version

Pro Version:



$69.95 Lifetime

Technician version:

$399 1-Year

$499 2-Year

$799 Lifetime


Pro version:

$59.95 (Ultimate)

Business version: Fill out a table and get a free evaluation.


Zinstall WinWin - $129

Zinstall Migrate Kit Pro - $189

WinServ Product - $690

To move data between two PCs or drives for free, EaseUS Todo PCTrans is well enough on the transfer job. For business use, you can try the free copy of PCmover business. If you like this free alternative, you can also share it with other people who are also searching for the best Windows PC-to-PC transfer software.


To Use Fast Data Migration Software:

We tested the software speed in pairs - EaseUS Todo PCTrans VS. Zinstall and EaseUS Todo PCTrans VS. Laplink PCmover.

Criteria Value
⚙️Number of Tested Tools 3
⏳How Long We Tested Three Days
💻Our Windows Version Windows 11 Pro
💰Maximum Cost $129
💵Minimum Cost Free

Transfer speed: Zinstall consumes less time than EaseUS Todo PCTrans. And EaseUS Todo PCTrans reads and writes faster than PCmover.

EaseUS Todo PCTrans VS. PCmover VS. Zinstall

According to the comparison, we can see that EaseUS Todo PCTrans has the best performance for the PC-to-PC features. It is the best choice in terms of speed, the difficulty of operation, and the feasibility of the software. Download it and enjoy its benefits.

  Free Download

Support Windows 11/10/8/7

FAQs About Zinstall

This passage introduces detailed information about Zinstall, and you also get two alternatives to transfer Windows from PC to PC. This part has some frequently asked questions about Zinstall. Keep reading and solve your worries.

1. Is Zinstall free to use?

No, you need to purchase it to use. Zinstall is a series of products that provides PC migration solutions. However, this tool requires a fee to use. For the pro version, $59.95 is required. Under this situation, you can try a free alternative, such as EaseUS Todo PCTrans.

2. What is the best free Zinstall alternative?

This article discusses two alternatives of Zinstall: PCmover and EaseUS Todo PCTrans. Only EaseUS Todo PCTrans is free to use. And it has the fastest write and read transfer speed. This is your best free choice to transfer files or images from PC to PC.

3. Which is better, Zinstall or PCmover?

Both tools require payment. Zinstall is a little more expensive, and it does a good job of migrating computers. But PCmover offers more features, and it is more reliable. If you want to experience the full-featured and free tool, I recommend you use EaseUS Todo PCTrans.

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