[Full Guide] How to Back Up Programs for Windows 11

Do you fear that you will lose your important data due to a computer virus or Corrupted Windows? Stop fearing and start your Backup Program for Windows 11 today!

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#1. Use EaseUS Todo PC Trans Step 1. Connect your USB (flash) drive/external hard drive to your source computer; Step 2. Select "Data Backup"...Full steps
#2. Backup Installed Programs via Windows Built-in Tool Step 1: To access your backup data, connect to the external storage device; Step 2: Type Control Panel...Full steps


Installing a new version of Windows may be time-consuming, as anybody who has done it before will know! Installing and configuring all of the apps and settings in Windows 11 may still be a pain, even if you use bootable media like an installation disc or USB stick.

Because of this reason, having Backup Programs for Windows 11 is an essential aspect of any backup plan. What a comfort it would be if you could restore these applications from a backup rather than having to reinstall them to fix the issue. It's also useful for transferring installed applications from a previous machine onto a new one since an image backup will allow you to restore all the apps at once.

backup important files for windows 11

Why You Should Back Up Your Programs for Windows 11

Individuals and companies alike risk losing vital information if they do not regularly back up their files. It is common for people to experience stress and despair after losing personal financial information, crucial papers, and priceless images.

Organizations that fail to back up their data - notably their financial records -  risk causing significant damage to their operations, maybe even leading to their demise.

Many businesses depend on computers to manage every aspect of their operations, including finance, human resources, payroll, sales, marketing, and other functions. Companies that cannot access their data due to an accident or criminal activity may find themselves unable to continue operations.

With a complete backup on Windows 11, you can preserve your existing setup and data against hardware failure, upgrade issues, malware assaults, file corruption, etc. That is to say, you run the danger of losing all of your important data, such as photos and documents, and any custom settings you've spent a lot of time configuring.

How to Back Up Your Programs for Windows 11

Backup & Restore in Windows 11 still contains an option to produce a system image that can be saved to external storage. Alternatively, you may utilize third-party local and cloud solutions. Let's look at the two ways to back up your programs for Windows 11.

#1. Use Third-party Software

Imagine your computer suddenly breaks down due to system faults or other causes. You reinstall Windows to fix it, but all your applications are lost - how much easier it would be to restore them from a backup without reinstalling. That's when EaseUS Todo PCTrans comes in!

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EaseUS Todo PCTrans assists you in transferring your data from your old hard drive to your new computer's storage by entirely restoring files and programs from an unbootable dead machine. This software offers the quickest and most convenient method of transferring all of your data, files, applications, and even settings to your new PC. And you can even use it for free! It will save you time and money by eliminating the need to reinstall apps and create new accounts.

There is no need for extensive technical skills. Users may securely and reliably recover data from dead PCs with a few easy clicks if they follow the precise instructions in this document.

Step 1. Connect your USB (flash) drive/external hard drive to your source computer.

Launch Todo PCTrans, click "Backup & Restore > Start" on the main screen.

Transfer files via backup and restore - step 1

Step 2. Select "Data Backup" and click "Next". Click "Confirm" to move on.

Transfer files via backup & restore - step 2

Step 3. Choose the specific data, applications, and accounts in the Applications, User Accounts, and Files columns to choose the specific data, applications, etc. to create a backup file. 

Transfer files via backup and restore - step 3

Main features:

#2. Backup Installed Programs via Windows Built-in Tool

The most frequent method for backing up computer data is to utilize the operating system software that comes with personal computers. Both Apple's iOS and Microsoft's Windows operating systems have built-in backup and data restoration tools.

You may backup installed programs using File History.

Step 1: Go to Settings > System > Storage > Advanced Storage options > Backup options, then scroll down to Looking for an older backup and select "Go to Backup and Restore" (Windows 7).

backup option

Step 2: When you're in the left navigation pane, click on "Create a system image".

create a system image

Step 3: Select the option to save to a hard drive. Select the Windows 11 complete backup location from the "On a hard drive" drop-down option.

select a destination

Step 4: Any other drive may be selected to be backed up. To begin the backup process, click the "Start backup" button in the toolbar.

start backup

What Are the Benefits of Backing Up Your Programs for Windows 11?

It's good to maintain a copy of your most crucial data in a secure place if anything goes wrong with your computer. To put it simply, there are several advantages to keeping a backup of your data files in the case they are accidentally deleted or corrupted:

  • Your data will be safe in a computer crash if you have a backup.
  • Protects your information When files are corrupted or infected with a virus.
  • Maintaining a secure backup/recovery solution is critical in protecting and preserving data.
  • Ease of administration ensures consistency in the procedures for backing up data and information, especially when recovering lost data, which may be unpleasant and time-sensitive.
  • Instead of a third-party backup program, you may save money using a backup and recovery solution.

Tips and Tricks for Backing Up Your Programs for Windows 11

Making frequent backups of your files is vital to keeping your data safe and secure. Here are some recommendations for creating a backup plan. You can rest knowing your data is secure with a backup process in place! Data recovery services are costly, time-intensive, and may not recover all data. So, let's look at some Windows 11 data backup tips and tactics.

  1. 1. Most operating systems have backup applications that automatically create and update a full copy of your computer on an external disk. In the event of a hardware breakdown, this sort of backup reduces the possibility of missing data or settings.
  2. 2. The best option is an external hard drive, which is cheap, handy, and works well with automatic backup software. They may be stolen, damaged, or infected, so don't rely on them.
  3. 3. Online backup or cloud storage may preserve huge amounts of personal information like photographs, movies, and music from loss.
  4. 4. You may use apps like Google Drive to build a folder on your device and automatically publish updates to an online folder and additional connected devices.
  5. 5. Modern Windows and Mac OS versions provide built-in backup utilities that may schedule data backups to an external hard drive. Using these techniques, back up user profiles, certain folders, or your whole system.

Note: Back up essential programs like VLC player, Media layer, Photo Editors, Video Editors if your Windows gets corrupted or you lose important files on your computer.


It's usually a good idea to retain the Backup Programs for Windows 11 if you need them later. The bottom line is that if you value your computer's data, you should safeguard it against loss. Work can be restored, but lost data like family and trip images are irreversible.

Many users frequently back up their files to their computer hard drive. However, this does not preserve data in the case of a computer crash. EaseUs Software can assist you with this! EaseUS Todo PC Trans is a wonderful software that backs up all computer applications, data, and settings in case of data loss.

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[Full Guide] How to Back Up Programs for Windows 11

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