Windows 11 Ruined My Computer! Slows Down and Crashes a Lot

Windows 11 ruined my computer! Is there any fix? Do you face issues with your system after upgrading to Windows 11? If yes then don't worry, our article will show you how to deal with this problem.

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Updated by Daisy on Feb 22, 2023
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Workable Solutions Step-by-step Troubleshooting
Problems After Upgrading Computer starts slowly; unresponsive hard drive; application crashes; memory consumption...Full steps
Issues Can Be Fixed  Disk and memory consumption; incompatible software; update video, audio and network drivers...Full steps
Roll Back to Windows 10

1. Roll Back From Windows 11 to 10

2. A Clean Install of Windows 10...Full steps

Problems after upgrading to Windows 11

Windows 11 is the latest version of Windows with a lot of changes. Due to the new changes, many users have experienced computer problems after upgrading. Here are some common issues after free upgrading to Windows 11 from Windows 10:

windows 11 problems

  • Computer starts slowly: Windows 11 comes with many new features. If you don't meet the system requirements to run these features, you may find that your computer starts slower than before.
  • Unresponsive hard drive: Windows 11 users have also found their screen stuck when moving between hard drives. This is also mainly due to the lack of memory support for Windows 11.
  • Application crashes: After upgrading to Windows 11, your applications may also become unresponsive. This happens with apps that are not fully compatible with Windows 11.
  • Black/Blue Screen of Death: Black/Blue Screen of Death is a legacy bug of the Windows operating system. Unfortunately, this problem also exists in Windows 11.
  • Memory consumption: The Windows 11 runtime has specific hardware requirements primarily related to main memory. If you are low on memory, you will experience high disk usage.
  • Overheating: Another issue reported by users who upgraded to Windows 11. Overheating occurs when you use your Windows 11 computer for a while.

The issues listed above are the most common after upgrading to Windows 11. These problems can damage your computer.

What Windows 11 issues can be fixed?

The last section helps you understand Windows 11 upgrade issues that can break your computer. Now let's see how to solve the following common problems:

  • Disk and memory consumption: In Windows 11 upgrade, if your free disk space is low or your memory is full, it's time to upgrade them. Upgrade your main memory and storage to fix this problem. 
  • Incompatible software: It's best to update stuck or crashed software for you. Users have successfully resolved software stuck or crash issues by upgrading the software to the latest version.
  • Update Drivers: If you are facing audio, video or internet, the only solution is to update your video, audio and network drivers. Driver updates are necessary after upgrading to Windows 11.

Performing these solutions can help you overcome and resolve most of the issues that can break your computer after a Windows 11 upgrade.

Have you considered rolling back Windows 11 to Windows 10?

The first goal should always be to fix those issues that are set up to let your Windows 11 run smoothly without problems. If none of the above solutions work, you can still repair your broken computer.

The only solution now is to roll back Windows 11 to Windows 10. It will give you Windows 11 functionality, but your computer will work without any problems.

Full steps to roll back Windows 11 to Windows 10:

Step 1: In Windows 11, go to Settings > System > Recovery.

roll back windows 11 to windows 10 step 1

Step 2: Select the Return option from the previous version of Windows settings.

Click to go back to the previous version of Windows

Step 3: Select the reason for returning to Windows 10 and click the Next button.

Choose a reason for downgrade

After selecting a reason, continue with these steps using the default options. Once done, your system will reboot and you will be rolling back from Windows 11 to Windows 10.

Ultimate Guide: Clean Install Windows 10 to Remove Windows 11 from Your Computer

If none of the solutions worked for you, and your system is still broken by the Windows 11 upgrade, it's time to do a clean install of Windows 10.

Clean install will help you wipe all system drive data and install a fresh copy of Windows 10. Your system will run smoothly and you will no longer face issues.

*Required backup before a clean install of Windows 10 to remove Windows 11

As you know, a fresh install of Windows 10 will delete all your system data. Therefore, it is always safe to create a backup of your data.

EaseUS Todo Backup is the best free backup software to help you create system drive backups. With EaseUS Todo Backup, you can back up all system drive data during a clean install of Windows 10.

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Step 1. Launch EaseUS Todo Backup and choose "Create Backup" on the home page, click "Select backup contents".

create system backup step1

Step 2. Among the four available categories, click "OS" to start back up.

create system backup step2

Step 3. The system partition will be automatically selected, you only need to select the location.

create system backup step3

Step 4. Local Drive, Cloud, and NAS are available for you to save the backup file. You can also connect an external hard drive to preserve the system backup files.

create system backup step5

Step 5. You can customize the settings in "Options" at the left bottom. After that, click "Backup Now", and the process will begin.

create system backup step 5

*After finishing the backup process, you can check the backup status, recover, open, or delete the backup by right-clicking the backup task on the left.

Steps for a clean install of Windows 10

Step 1: Make sure to use the EaseUS Todo Backup software to create a backup of your computer and system drives.

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Step 2: Download the Windows 10 image from the official Microsoft website.

Download the Windows 10 Media Creation Tool. Microsoft provides this official tool to help you create bootable USB bootable media with Windows 10 setup.

Download Media Creation Tools

downloading win 10 image

running win 10 setup
Step 3: Create a bootable flash drive to help you do a clean install of Windows 10.

You can do this with the help of media creation tools. After launching the Media Creation Tool, select Create installation media for another PC.

install win 10

Step 4: Connect the bootable USB to your PC and start the Windows 10 installation from it.
Make sure you have selected the USB device as the bootable media from the BIOS setup. After that, you will see the Windows setup screen at startup.

install win 10

After that, proceed with default settings, and it will take some time to install Windows 10. Once the setup is complete, you will have a clean copy of your Windows 10 on your computer.

Do Right Things if Windows 11 Ruined Your Computer

Windows 11 provides better UI and other extensive features to Windows users compared to Windows 10. But, Windows 11 only works smoothly if the hardware requirements are met.

Users have faced problems with their computers after upgrading to Windows 11. You can fix these problems by enhancing the hardware requirements of your computer.

If you cannot fix your ruined computer, you can roll back to Windows 10. Also, clean installing Windows 10 is another option. But, it removes all your system drives data.

If you don't want to lose the data on your system drive, you need to create a backup. The most recommended way to create a backup of system drive data is to use the EaseUS Todo Backup software.

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