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VSCO recovery tutorial is available to help both iPhone and Android users retrieve deleted photos, pictures and images from VSCO, VSCOcam and VSCO library.

"Hi, I accidentally deleted photos in my vsco library without exporting it to my camera roll. Can I still recover it?"

"I deleted by mistake vscocam...There is no way to recover my pictures, isn't it? I used to backup my iPhone on iTunes and iCloud, but I have no idea how to download the vsco backup file."

Tips for VSCO Photo Recovery

When deleting VSCO Cam, you will always receive a pop-up warning that it will delete all of VSCO Cam data, including the VSCO Cam library. At this moment, you should be aware that photos you were currently deleting will be permanently gone if you didn't export photos to camera roll, computer or a cloud service.

Apart from accidental deletion of VSCO images, there are other unexpected situations that you'll lose memories on VSCO, such as update or re-install VSCO app. With backups, VSCO photo recovery would be an easy task with some third-party iPhone photo recovery software. However, if you have never backed up VSCO photos, and photos are not yet moved from VSCO library to device or uploaded, only EaseUS MobiSaver could do some help. 

VSCO Recovery Tutorial: How to Restore Deleted Pictures from VSCO Library?

EaseUS MobiSaver enables VSCO recovery with three modes: recover from iOS device, iCloud backup & iTunes backup. The latter two options are perfect to choose when VSCO library data was automatically backed up. What if no backups at all? Do you still have a slight chance to restore deleted VSCO pictures? Basically, VSCO photos are taken from iPhone's camera roll, which means at least you can try to recover original pictures that were not edited on VSCO. As long as you can find the raw pictures with EaseUS iOS data recovery software, just re-edit on VSCO as you want.

Again, you can only use EaseUS MobiSaver for VSCO pictures recovery when VSCO app data was synced to iCloud or iTunes cloud storage.

To recover deleted photos from VSCOcam or VSCO library, follow the 3-step guide carefully:

Step 1. Choose a recovery mode depending on your own case and click "Scan" button. To restore VSCO library photos from iCloud backup, you'll be asked to enter your iCloud account and password to log in. 

choose recovery mode to recover deleted photos from vsco

Step 2. Wait patiently until EaseUS MobiSaver finished scanning iPhone device or iCloud/iTunes backup.

Step 3. After the scanning process, all lost and deleted files will be found and displayed. Click on "Photos/Videos" category, where you can preview all recoverable files. Select the deleted VSCO pictures and click "Recover" button.

select vsco photos to recover

Good luck if EaseUS MobiSaver found the disappeared photos on VSCO for you. The best way to prevent your precious memories from vanishing is always backup.

To backup VSCO in iCloud on your iOS device, please follow the steps listed below:

Step 1. Enable iCloud Drive by opening Settings -> iCloud -> iCloud Drive and tap on the slider to enable.

Step 2. In the iCloud Storage menu, tap on 'Manage Storage'.

Step 3. Under 'Backups' tap on your phone name.

Step 4. Under 'Choose Data to back up' be sure that the VSCO app slider is enabled.

backup vsco app data to iCloud

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