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How to Retrieve Photos from iPhone That Won't Turn on

Jean updated on Feb 05, 2021 to iPhone Data Recovery |How-to Articles


Your iPhone won't turn on because its screen has broken or stopped responding now, but there are so many precious pictures waiting for a recovery. To get off, transfer or recover pictures from iPhone that won't turn on, try EaseUS MobiSaver!

If your iPhone is dead and you want to retrieve photos or other important files from it, don't be rush to find solutions until you make sure your device is indeed dead. To figure out whether your device is dead or not, here are some tips for you to try.

  • Charge your battery for half an hour to see if the charging screen appears. 
  • Check your cable and charger to see if it is damaged or cracked.
  • Restart your iPhone to see if the slider appears. 
  • If your device gets physically damaged, just send it for repair and ask the technician about the possibility of fixing it.

If your device still can't be turned on after trying the tips above, that means your iPhone is indeed dead, then you can follow the instructions below to retrieve your pictures and other data.

Retrieve Photos from a Dead iPhone Directly via a Recovery Tool
Retrieve Photos from iPhone that Won't Turn on via iCloud
Get Photos off iPhone that Won't Turn on via iTunes

The solutions below vary greatly when it comes to their usability and data recovery. All of their capabilities will be introduced in detail and you can choose the one you wish to use.

Part 1. How to Retrieve Photos from Dead iPhone Directly via a Recovery Tool

Using EaseUS MobiSaver is the easiest solution to recover photos and other files from the iPhone. EaseUS MobiSaver, a professional and reliable iPhone data recovery tool, works perfectly to retrieve various iOS data like contacts, photos, videos, messages, etc from iPhone, iPad, and iPod. The best part of this tool is that it won't cause any data loss while recovering data. Besides, it has many other outstanding features like:

  • Easy-to-use
  • Highly user-friendly interface
  • Advanced scanning technology and quick recovery way
  • Flexible recovery modes: Recover from iTunes/iCloud, Recover without backup
  • Preview is allowed before recovering

Now, simply download EaseUS MobiSaver on your computer and start to retrieve photos from your iPhone that won't turn on.

Step 1. Connect your iPhone to the computer and run EaseUS MobiSaver. After your iPhone is detected, choose a recovery mode you wish to use. Here we'll take "Recover from iCloud" for an example.

sign in your icloud account to recover pictures from iphone that won't turn on

Note: Be sure you have an iTunes or iCloud backup available for restoring before you choose "Recover from iTunes" or "Recover from iCloud." If not, EaseUS MobiSaver can't scan anything from your backup.

Step 2. Download the iCloud backup files and click "Scan" to let EaseUS MobiSaver scan your iPhone to find lost files.

scan icloud backup files to recover pictures from iphone that won't turn on

Step 3. After the scan finishes, all your pictures in iCloud will show up. Choose the pictures you want and click "Recover." You can save the recovered photos on your computer.

select pictures and click recover

Tips: You can apply similar steps to recover photos from iTunes backup or recover photos from your iOS device when there is no backup available.

Part 2. How to Retrieve Photos from iPhone that Won't Turn on via iCloud

You can also retrieve photos from your dead iPhone to another iOS device by signing the same iCloud account. This requires you to prepare another iPhone or iPad, be it a brand new one or an old device that has been set up.

If it is a new device, then you can directly restore your iPhone from iCloud backup when setting up. If not, you'll need to erase your iPhone first and then restore it from an iCloud backup. Here are the steps:

If your iOS device is a brand new one, you can:

Step 1. Set your iPhone up as the first time you did. 

Step 2. When you come to the "App & Data" screen, tap "Restore from iCloud Backup."

Step 3. Choose the latest iCloud backup you make. 

If your iOS device has been set up, you can:

Step 1. Ease your device by going to your Settings > General > Reset > Erase All Content and Settings > Erase Now.

Erase everything from iPhone

Note: This will thoroughly wipe out everything from your iPhone, think it twice before resetting.

Step 2. After reset, your iPhone will reboot and show the setup steps to you. Follow its on-screen instructions to set up your device.

Step 3. When you come to the "Apps & Data" screen, choose "Restore from iCloud backup."

Step 4. Choose the backup with your photos in.

Set up iPhone as new

Part 3. How to Get Photos off iPhone that Won't Turn on via iTunes

Apart from iCloud, you can also do the same thing with iTunes if you have synced your iPhone with iTunes. This also requires you to prepare for another iOS device with enough storage space. Here are the steps.

Step 1. Connect your iOS device to your computer and launch the latest version of iTunes.

Step 2. Click your device icon in the upper-left corner of the iTunes screen. If iTunes fails to detect your device, quick to fix it by using solutions offered in this guide.

Step 3. Click the "Summary" tab in the left pane.

Step 4. In the "Backups" section, click "Restore Backup…"

Step 5. Choose the backup you wish to restore.

Restore iPhone from iTunes

Bonus Tip. Recover Deleted Photos Using Finder in macOS Catalina 10.15 or Above

For mac users, there is an extra option - using Finder to restore deleted photos. This only works with macOS Catalina 10.15 or above.

Step 1. Open Finder on your Mac.

Step 2. Connect your iOS device to your Mac computer.

Step 3. Click on your device in the left pane when it appears.

Step 4. Click "Restore Backup…"

Step 5. Select the backup you want to restore.

Step 6. Click "Restore."

Restore iPhone from Finder

The Bottom Line

That's all solutions to recover deleted photos from the iPhone that won't turn on. These solutions are also helpful to get pictures from iPhone with a broken screen or other situations that can't enter your device. We hope this guide is helpful to you. 

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