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iPhone Photos Disappeared from Camera Roll After iOS Update

Updated on Sep 25, 2019 by Jean to iPhone Data Recovery

Do not panic when iPhone photos disappeared from Camera Roll after the latest iOS version update! There is a chance that the images are somewhere hidden without letting you to view, or even all photos were removed from the photos app, third-party iOS data recovery software can recover lost photos in the album.

Why have photos disappeared from Camera Roll after iOS 13/12 update?

"After getting iOS 13 update, iPhone restarted automatically. Nearly 2,000 photos have completely disappeared from my Camera Roll without reason, I want to get them back because I have so many memories in those photos. This is rather upsetting."

Restarted iPhone and photos are gone, especially after installing a new iOS system. You're not alone! The phenomenon of iPhone photos disappeared from Camera Roll, the default storage location for photos, videos, recordings and screenshots, is not a one-off occurrence, it happens all the time to all iPhone users all over the world.

On this regard, we've sought to find the best Cameral Roll photo recovery solutions by consulting our IT technicians and listening to experienced customers, and now here they are, in the next coming parts. For your reading convenience, we divided the solutions into two parts. One is for the recovery of photos that are unseen but never lost, and the other is for the photos that were completely erased by the iOS update from its Camera Roll.

The second part's solution asks you to download the reputable iOS data recovery software called EaseUS MobiSaver, if you've tried all the methods associated with settings before coming to this tutorial, go ahead and directly use this distinct way to get back all your valuable memories.

How to show missing photos in Camera Roll by adjusting settings

There are altogether four accesses to making your disappeared photos show up again in the photos app after getting the newest iOS update.

Method 1. Check your recently deleted folder

Anything in your Recently Deleted Folder stays there for 30 days. Don't miss that.

#This is how to reach the Recently Deleted folder:

Tap on Photos > Albums > Recently Deleted

#If photos were there, you can move it back into your Photos album by this way:

On your iPhone, tap Select, choose the items and tap Recover.

Method 2. Turn on iCloud Photo Library

The iCloud Photo Library syncs all your Camera Roll photos in iCloud so that you can access them on all your devices like other iPhones, iPads or iPod. If either way of devices missing the photos, make sure that this feature is turned on.

#Tap on Settings > [your name] > iCloud. For iOS 10.2 or earlier, simply Settings > iCloud.
#Move the bar the right side to turn on iCloud Photo Library.

Wait for a few minutes, go back to your Photos app and check if photos are back.

Method 3. Sign in with the same Apple ID on every device

In a similar way in method 2, make sure that you logged into iCloud with the same Apple ID on other devices. Check the ID information in Settings.

Method 4. Unhide your photos

You can unhide your photos from the Hidden album if you hide them in your Moments, Years and Collections view.

#Tap on Photos app > in the Albums tab, tap the Hidden album > select the photos and tap Unhide.

How to recover Camera Roll photos deleted by iOS update?

If none of the remedies above serve to solve your problem and photos are still missing somewhere, be prepared because they might have been truly gone for good. Your best workaround in this event is to let the famous iPhone data recovery software to search through all over the places where photos were kept.

Download EaseUS MobiSaver on your Windows PC or Mac, and let's make a full photo recovery by doing like this.

Only old iPhone types such as iPhone 4s can benefit from the "Recover from iOS Device" mode, which allows you to recover photos from the internal storage even without any backups.

Since Apple iCloud syncs your Camera Roll photos on a regular basis, what's more, iTunes does the same thing when your phone stays connected to a computer, everybody could try to recover disappeared photos in the backup. In fact, the software also supports to recover contacts, text messages, WhatsApp messages and even Kik messages.

Step 1. Launch EaseUS MobiSaver. Among the three recovery options, choose "Recover from iTunes " or "Recover from iCloud" depending on your own backup location and click "Scan". You need to enter your Apple ID and password.

choose recover from itunes or recover from icloud

Step 2. After the scan is complete, all the files that were found by EaseUS MobiSaver will be displayed on the left side in well-organized categories. You can find the lost photos quickly under the Photos/Videos tab. 

The software also allows you to preview selected photos one by one. Just hit the "Recover" button to export the recoverable image files and specify a folder to save them on your computer.

select photos and recover