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Recovering data can be challenging and depends on several factors. It can cost you from $300 to $3000. Therefore, it always begs questions like how much does Mac data recovery cost? After you finish reading this article, you will find the answer.

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It can be a terrible experience when you lose your crucial data by mistake, software error, or other reasons. Numerous Mac users face this problem every year, and fortunately, we have helped many of them. If your important data is at risk or you have lost it, you might be wondering how much does recovering permanently deleted files on Mac cost for me?

Well, different people have different data recovery cases. Hence, data recovery cost varies depending on the type and amount of lost data. So, it is advisable not to expect an exact amount until you get a clear picture in your mind about how this cost vary. This article is dedicated to providing you with all the answers to data recovery. In the end, we will let you know the effortless and most affordable method of data recovery for your Mac.

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Is Mac Data Recovery Expensive

Your priority should be data recovery if you lose power, have physical damage or can't boot Mac. If you are a victim of data loss, you might be tired of finding out how much Mac does data recovery cost. In most cases, companies hide their flat data recovery rates. They may charge you more after analyzing the urgency and amount of data. No company will pinpoint a flat data recovery rate because every recovery job is diverse. 

Accidental Deletion: $100 to $300

It takes just a few minutes to perform certain types of data recovery, and it doesn't require special equipment. These cases have tasks including accidental deletion, directory damage. In addition, when you format the Mac, it becomes easy to recover lost data because the data exists physically in the storage disk of your Mac. The average recovery cost ranges from $100 to $300. 

Logical Failures: $300 to $1,000

On the other hand, some cases are very complicated, and professionals can recover data only inside the data recovery clean room with specialized tools. It may include logical, firmware, and mechanical drive failures in your Mac. Such logical failures can cost you $300-$1,000. In these cases, recovering data can be challenging and depends on several factors. Whether the files are disappeared, or you accidentally deleted data from your system, if the storage drive has a minor failure, or if it has lost all the files. 

Mechnical Failure: $500 to $3000

If your hard drive is not working properly, it may cause you to lose your important data without warning. It is a mechanical failure of your Mac. Sometimes, the storage disk makes noises, which means it may have a problem, or the drive might be dead. Hence, it becomes difficult to determine the problem because users have no idea about the cause of data loss. The recovery specialists have to replace parts or need to recover the data using special tools. Fixing the corruptted hard drive and recovering data may cost from $500 to $3000.

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Factors That Affect Mac Data Recovery Prices

If you are looking to hire a data recovery firm but are confused about which one will provide you with the best service at a reasonable price? Let us tell you that the data recovery cost depends on the following factors.

  • Per hour charges: Due to lack of expertise, the number of data recovery professionals is limited. The data recovery clean room specialist can charge you $100 to $ 300 per hour. If you have picked the right tool, you may recover Mac data for free.
  • Data Amount: Data recovery firms or professionals can charge you based on the amount of deleted data. The possibility of recovering data from storage devices depends on the size of the file you have lost. If you have lost small files like photos or documents, it will be easier to recover files as compared to losing large size files like videos or other giant databases.
  • Hightech labs: A data recovery specialist works in high-tech labs. These labs contain special tools for the quick and excellent recovery of your data. 
  • Replacement parts: The storage disk of a Mac can be very compact and advanced. If any part of the hard drive needs replacement, these recovery specialists contain such replacement parts including the latest or oldest models. These parts can be expensive, and you have to buy them. It increases the recovery costs that affect your pocket.
  • Online Data Recovery: Companies are offering online data recovery services these days. They don't have the physical infrastructure, so they offer affordable service. Such companies may offer reasonable rates, but sometimes they do not deliver decent results.

If you are looking to recover your crucial data at your own place, you need to go through the next section. 

Easiest Mac Data Recovery Software With Reasonable Price 

If you lose critical data, you may suffer from anxiety and feel under pressure to recover it at all costs. In the beginning, you may try to recover the lost data on your own, but a single mistake can make things more complicated. Hence, you can lose your essential files forever, or it will become more difficult to recover your data.

If you have lost data and tried many methods to recover but failed, you may have no idea how to deal and how much does Mac data recovery cost? Hence, the best we suggest you use a professional and premium data recovery tool that quickly recovers all lost files to save money and effort. You might be wondering that there are numerous Mac data recovery tools in the market, which one is the most effective and affordable at the same point. 

It is advisable to use EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard For Mac. It is a one-stop solution for recovering deleted or corrupted files. Its advanced algorithm provides 100% data recovery for all types and sizes of files. This premium data recovery software will only cost you around $90/month, compared to the $300 per hour charge from a data recovery company. 

You can follow the steps below to experience its excellent performance:

Step 1. Select the drive to be scanned

In the main EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard window, there will be a list of the drives connected to your Mac. Select the drive you need to recover lost/deleted files from, and click the "Search for lost files" button.

Note: Before data recovery, you'd better click "Disk Backup" from the left sidebar to create a backup of your Mac to avoid further data loss. After backing up, the software can recover data from the Mac backup, and your computer can wirte new data again.

select a location and scan for lost Mac data

Step 2. Select your lost data/files

EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard for Mac will immediately scan your selected disk volume and display the scanning results on the left pane. You can sort the results to find the wanted files if you are looking for certain files.

Select your lost data/files

Step 3. Recover lost/deleted data

Once you have found the desired files, preview the files and then click "Recover" to begin the recovery of your deleted/lost Mac files.

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Common Q&As About Mac Data Recovery Cost

After knowing the questions and answers below, you may have a better understanding of Mac data recovery.

Why is data recovery so expensive?

Performing professional data recovery can be costly because a skilled professional has to be equipped with the right tools and experience. In addition, if you want to recover your data at an affordable price, it is advisable to use a data recovery application that can recover lost data at home for less than $100.

Is data recovery worth the money?

Data recovery costs can be one of the sad consequences of data loss. The loss of data can be costly, and the cost of recovering it can be even greater. However, there is one fact for certain: Non-recovery of data is much more expensive than recovery. Losing data can cost a business its existence.

How to estimate the Mac data recovery fee?

Generally, data recovery cost varies. Several factors affect the recovery cost. Consider the following factors to estimate the Mac data recovery fee:

  • Data loss causes
  • If any part replacement needed
  • The location of the data recovery service
  • The estimated recovery time
  • The type of storage device

Can you recover Windows data at the lowest cost?

Yes, there are several data recovery tools available for windows. These tools can recover all types and sizes of windows data at the lowest cost. In addition, there are numerous data recovery tools available for Windows that may confuse you choosing the best. Therefore, we recommend you use EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard.

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