Upgrade Hard Disk to Fix 100% Disk Usage Error in Windows 10 & More Tips

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100% disk usage in task manager in Windows 10

"I use Dell laptop with 8GB RAM, and it is running Windows 10. Lately, the device seemingly stalls a lot, and the task manager shows highlighted 100% disk usage. That's really annoying, so I ended many tasks at once. However, a few minutes later, the disk usage becomes 100% again! This situation lasts for a couple of weeks, and deleting files in the hard drive does not work either. How can I fix 100% disk usage error in Windows 10?If I had to upgrade hard disk, also how?"

Many reasons cause 100% disk usage in Windows 10. These are the typical ones you may refer to your own case.

1. ill service from Superfetch and Prefetch

Windows 10 includes Superfetch and Prefetch services, which are supposed to improve performance by predicting tasks that a user is likely to perform and preloading required applications into memory. Likewise, these services are also responsible for the occurrences of high disk usage on Windows 10 computers.

2. Viruses and malware

We hate disgusting viruses and malicious software, but they are anywhere beyond our notice. They take up excessive resource usage, causing your programs running on insufficient space.

3. The common combination of programs like Skype and Google Chrome

As investigated, a common major of the 100% disk usage issue in Windows 10 is the combination of running Skype and Google Chrome. It might be some other programs combination as well.

4. Hardware issue

The existence of corrupted files on your computer hard drive sends your computer into a loop with a high disk usage.

Your computer hard drive might be too old to work properly, even there is plenty of unused space available, still, your computer functions like a turtle.

How to Fix 100% disk usage on Windows 10 computer?

Now you need to confirm the high disk usage error by pressing CTRL+ALT+DEL and selecting task manager. In the processes tab, you'll find the highlighted disk volume with red. on the left displayed all the tasks that are going on. To fix the problem of your case, you may have a try with following solutions.

1. Eliminate viruses and malware

Use antivirus software to scan the virus infected files. Clear them off.

2. Disable Superfetch service

Type services.msc in Windows 10 search box, find Superfetch, right-click on it and go to Properties. Locate Startup Type and choose Disabled, click OK to save the settings.

3. Disable Prefetch

Type regedit in Windows 10 search box to open registry editor. Go to \HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM. By clicking on successive folders, navigate to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Session Manager\Memory Management\PerfetchParameters. Double click on EnablePrefetcher, then completely disable Prefetcher by changing the Value data to 0 on DWORD window.

4. Replace hard drive

You should figure out whether this error is caused by failing hard drive in an easy way. Do you notice some hard drive problems like making a loud clicking sound? Is it because the computer's hard drive too old-fashioned in capacity? In this case, you'd better upgrade hard disk as soon as possible.

Use EaseUS Windows backup software to upgrade the hard disk to a bigger one or a new one without reinstalling Windows 10 operating system and applications. It's a very fast and convenient way to replace your failing hard drive and solve 100% disk usage error in Windows 10 computer.

Steps to upgrade hard disk with EaseUS Todo Backup:

Note: Please empty the larger hard disk drive in advance if you saved important data inside it.

Step 1. Connect larger empty hard disk - HDD/SSD to your PC
Please connect or insert the larger disk - HDD/SSD to your computer.

Step 2. Run EaseUS Todo Backup for upgrade hard disk to a larger one
Launch and run EaseUS Todo Backup and select Clone at the left tool pane by clicking the icon at the left top corner.

Run EaseUS Todo Backup to upgrade hard disk drive.

Step 3. Clone upgrade the hard disk to a larger one
1. Select the hard disk that you want to upgrade as the source disk.

Choose hard disk as the source drive.

2. And if you wish to perform a sector by sector clone, enable this feature by clicking Advanced options and check Sector by sector clone box.
Save the changes.

Enable sector by sector clone to allocate larger disk with the same layout as the original disk.

3. Click Proceed to start upgrading your hard disk to a larger HDD/SSD without losing any data now.

Start upgrading hard disk to a lager disk.

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