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How to Get Back Data from Locked Android Phone

Updated by Daisy on Jul 20, 2023
Written by Jean
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Locked your Android phone or tablet without knowing the password code/pin? How are you going to recover data from the locked Android phone? Read this article and find answers.

Android Phone Is Permanently Locked

"I have a Sony Xperia Z1 and like it very much. Now the screen is permanently locked because I forgot the PIN! I feel so horrible, and blamed myself a thousand times after multiple attempts to unlock the phone, but no avail. This is an emergency, right? Please share a feasible solution that I can get into the locked Android phone without losing data saved in it, especially the contact list."

It sucks when forgot your Android phone password, you can no longer access to the data inside unless you remind of the pattern, PIN or the complex password. Setting password was meant to lock the phone when you don't play it, adding a layer of security so that others can't easily view your phone content without your permission.

Now it seems a little bit late to tell you not to change pattern, password or pin frequently if you do so then always remember to take a note somewhere. Since the password is set by yourself, only you can unlock it until picking up the memory. Are you freaked out? Good luck to you arriving at this page, and there is still a workaround to recover data from locked Android devices.

Try to Unlock Android with your Google account

Unlike iPhone users, many Android phone users are not getting used to doing backups. When their phone is locked, the most recommended way is to factory reset Android, but this behavior will remove all precious data on it, such as contacts, messages, pictures, notes, music, videos, etc. Thus, you can try at first with an easier way without erasing data.

Only notice that this method has a limitation, and users must make sure that they have set and signed up Google account before the device was locked.

Step 1. Try to invoke the option "Forgotten the password" by inputting any password for 5 times.

Step 2. Use your Google account and password to unlock the phone.

If this method works, good luck. Otherwise, I'm afraid that you have to factory reset your Android, taking the huge risk of a complete data loss. Though it's not guaranteed, you can take a chance to get some data back after doing the factory reset with EaseUS MobiSaver for Android.

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