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[Solved] Diskpart Delete Partition Override Not Working

Updated on Nov 30, 2018 by Jean to Partition Manager

Diskpart delete partition override is used to remove hidden or protected partition, however, many people would encounter an error due to delete partition override not working. So, how are you going to resolve the issue? This page has found a troubleshooting method for you.

About Delete Partition Override

Under Disk Management program, Windows users can easily delete a partition they don't need anymore. Besides, some of the higher-leveled members tend to directly remove the unwanted partition through command prompt with diskpart utility.

For example, type the command 'delete partition x:' and hit enter, then the selected partition is immediately removed. But only exclude those volumes that were hidden or system protected.

It turns out that delete partition command doesn't take effect on hidden partitions as well as protected partitions. At this moment, you must know another command, which is 'delete partition override'.

diskpart delete partition override

Delete Partition Override Not Working, How to Solve

As we explained, the command 'delete partition' simply permits you to delete data partitions, while 'delete partition override' comes to play its role when attempting to remove a hidden partition and a protected partition.

Unfortunately, many average users don't know such a command totally. Meanwhile, the minor group who have some knowledge about how to use the command find difficulty in making full use of it, because after executing delete partition override, diskpart crashed now and then.

Do not upset if you were a victim. There is a better alternative solution to manage your 'special' partitions. It's a third-party free partition manager, which is considered as the best diskpart alternative.

Click the download button once, and the download progress should begin. With rich disk management features included, this piece of software can perfectly troubleshoot the issue of diskpart deleting a hidden partition failed.

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 Windows 10 is supported

Guide: How to Delete a Hidden Partition with EaseUS Partition Master

After the successful installation, launch the program. On the disk map, your hidden partition will be presented as * without assigning a drive letter to it.

If you saved important data in the partition which you want to delete, move and save those data to another secure location in advance.

Step 1: Install and launch EaseUS Partition Master on PC

On the main window, right-click on the hard drive partition which you want to delete and select "Delete".

Select parittion to delete

Step 2: Confirm the deletion

Click "OK" to confirm that you want to delete the selected partition.

Confirm to delete partition

Step 3: Execute to delete the partition

Click the "Execute Operation" button at the top corner and keep all changes by clicking "Apply".

Complete the deleting process

You can continue to create partition or format partition you just deleted with EaseUS Partition Master. There are so many useful functions that will help you manage any hard disk storage devices in all ways.