6 Ways to Fix OneDrive Error Code 0x8004de40 in Windows

Are you facing OneDrive Error Code 0x8004de40 in Windows? Are you unable to sync files? Then follow this easy guide to fix the error on Windows PC.

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Updated on Feb 26, 2024

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Microsoft OneDrive is the best example of a cloud storage solution tailored to individuals' and businesses' needs. However, the dreaded Error Code 0x8004de40 message can be a massive letdown in using OneDrive.  

Imagine signing into your OneDrive account on the desktop, and you want to upload the presentation file for work. You have invested a lot of time and effort in creating the presentation and witnessed the Error Code 0x8004de40 message. It means you cannot connect to OneDrive. What could be the problem? The following post helps you find the answer with an outline of the potential reasons for OneDrive Error Code 0x8004de40 and the recommended solutions.

What Causes OneDrive Error Code 0x8004de40

The most commonly assumed reason for Error Code 0x8004de40 is internet connectivity. On the other hand, you can have many other culprits, such as third-party antivirus software. And most of the time OneDrive is always flagged as a virus by the antivirus software. You can take some methods to exclude OneDrive from the antivirus software scan. However, you must know the possible reasons for the error code to implement basic troubleshooting. The first part of solving a problem is to understand the reasons behind it.

  • Internet Connectivity: An unstable internet connection is the most obvious factor responsible for Error Code 0x8004de40. In addition, specific configurations of internet settings can also result in such error codes. Internet security protocols are crucial for secure information transfer across the computer network. Inappropriate configuration of the internet security protocols can also result in the error code.
  • No Microsoft Updates:  Have you missed the latest Microsoft updates? Without the necessary updates, OneDrive can face difficulties connecting with recently updated Microsoft servers. 
  • Improper Installation: Another notable reason for the OneDrive Error Code 0x8004de40 is the improper installation of the OneDrive. Installation failures can result in corrupted files and folders, which affects the working of OneDrive, leading to error code.

How to Fix OneDrive Error Code 0x8004de40

The connectivity problem is the primary reason behind the Error Code 0x8004de40, and you don't have to panic when you see it. Why? You can follow a few simple methods for solving the connectivity error. Here are six interesting ways to fix the most annoying error code in OneDrive. 

  1. Method 1. Check Your Internet Connection
  2. Method 2. Change the Internet Properties 
  3. Method 3. Disable the Proxy Settings 
  4. Method 4. Reset Windows Socket (Winsock) 
  5. Method 5. Reinstall or Reset OneDrive

Method 1. Check Your Internet Connection

Microsoft states that the OneDrive app shows the Error Code 0x8004de40 when it cannot connect to the cloud. You should check the internet connection by using simple steps such as.

Step 1. Check whether the Ethernet cable has been plugged in correctly. If you have a wireless internet connection, ensure it is working properly. You can also try restarting the router. 

chenk internet connection

Step 2. Open a few web pages on the browser on your desktop. If the pages load successfully, you can verify that your internet connection is stable.

Method 2. Change the Internet Properties 

The OneDrive client could not work on computers when you have disabled TLS 1.0 encryption protocols. Here are the simple steps for enabling TLS 1.0 and higher security protocols in your internet settings.

Step 1. Press "Windows Key + R" to open Run. Enter inetcpl. cpl and click on OK to open the "Internet Properties" window.

Step 2. Open the advanced tab in the "Internet Properties" window.

check tsl settings

Step 3. Scroll down in the "Settings" section, find the options for TLS 1.0, TLS 1.1, and TLS 1.2 and check on the boxes. 

Step 4. Select "Apply" and click "OK" to save the changes. 

Now, you can restart the computer and check for the error.

Method 3. Disable the Proxy Settings 

Another promising solution for Error Code 0x8004de40 in OneDrive is to disable the proxy settings. Antivirus software can sometimes block OneDrive from connecting to the cloud. You can disable the proxy settings by using the following steps.

Step 1. Use "Windows Key + R" for an opening run and enter inetcpl. cpl in the command bar.

Step 2. Click on the "Connections" tab and select the "LAN Settings" option. 

Step 3. Choose the automatically detect settings option. You must also ensure you unmark the box to use a proxy server for your LAN.

lan settings windows

Step 4. Select "Apply" and then click on "OK" for the changes. 

Method 4. Reset Windows Socket (Winsock) 

You can also try resetting Winsock or the Windows Socket. It is one of the proven solutions for situations when some of your apps cannot connect to the internet. 

Step 1. Enter cmd in the main menu search bar to open the "Command Prompt". Make sure you choose the "Run as Administrator" option.

Step 2. Type the netsh winsock reset catalog command and click on Enter. 

winsock reset

Step 3. After successfully executing the command, you must close the command prompt and restart your computer.

Method 5. Reinstall or Reset OneDrive

You can opt for a reset of OneDrive to solve the Error Code 0x8004de40. It is a quick method for avoiding a complete uninstallation and installation cycle. A simple reset can help in clearing the connectivity issue with easy steps as follows,

Step 1. Open Run by entering "Windows Key + R".

Step 2. Type and execute the following command in the "Run" prompt


The simple command would reset the OneDrive app on your computer.

Step 3. Use the command "%localappdata%\\Microsoft\\OneDrive\\onedrive.exe" in the run prompt to launch OneDrive after resetting. You may have to sign in again.

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The overview of different methods for resolving the Error Code 0x8004de40 message in OneDrive shows some promising solutions. For example, checking your internet connection, resetting the OneDrive app, disabling the proxy settings, and resetting Winsock are some credible solutions for the error.

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